Spencer Aspleaf

Siouxland Public Media

Singer/Songwriter Spencer Aspleaf grew up in Sioux City.  The 28-year-old is a member of the band “Port Nocturnal” and recently sat down with Siouxland Public Media’s Sheila Brummer with his guitar to talk about his full-time musical career.

Thanks to Spencer for taking the time talking to us and bringing along his dog Hallie Berries.   He also performed a new tune called “Getting Out of This” at our Siouxland Public Media Studios.

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Having lived together in a "powerless band house" for several months, piece by piece, Port Nocturnal was formed. Using inspiration from a variety of genres, the band describes their sound as a postmodern Midwestern Desert Rock, with elements of Blues, Psychedelic, Progressive/Art Rock and Jazz improv. Their debut album even features the band's drummer, Grace Claeys, playing the keys for "Good Behavior" and "Rose Coloured Glasses".