South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D)

Today on The Exchange, we recap a massive Saturday in the Park Celebration on July 6.  Sheila Brummer talks with several folks at the event and some of the performers as well.

We hear from two of the more well known Democratic Presidential candidates who visited Siouxland last week- South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg and California US Senator Kamala Harris.

There is a Native American Presidential Candidate Forum scheduled for August 19-20 in Sioux City.  We talk with one of the planners.

Five hundred people crowded into the Sioux City North High gymnasium yesterday evening to hear from Democratic Presidential candidate and South Bend, Indiana mayor Pete Buttegieg.  In the unairconditioned gym the crowd listened and applauded Buttegieg’s call for what he called “A New Call to Service.” Buttegieg said the program included opportunities for young people.  

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Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan stopped in Sioux City this morning in his quest to win the Democratic presidential nomination.

He talked about his major plan to get back to fundamentals and improve the quality of life for young people in the country.

“What do we have to do in the United States to be competitive, to lift people up to rebuild the middle class?   Invest in our people to make sure that every one of our citizens is on the field healthy, educated, creative, resilient and ready to go out and help us win the future.”