Sioux City Police Department

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The state board that oversees Iowa’s medical cannabis industry has declined to add any new conditions to the list of approved uses.

The Medical Cannabidiol Board today denied petitions to approve anxiety and schizophrenia. A decision whether to approve post-traumatic stress disorder was delayed until November.

MedPharm, the company that manufactures medical marijuana in Iowa is introducing a line of medical cannabis vapor products that will soon be available.  MedPharm has a dispensary in Sioux City. 

Sioux County Sheriff's Office

An investigation is underway after train derailment last night in Sioux County.    

It happened on the Burlington Northern Santa Fe track between Hull and Doon, one mile west of Highway 75 around 8:30.

The sheriff’s office says about 26 cars of the 83-car train derailed.  They posted drone video of the derailment on their Facebook page.  

Railroad officials say there were no hazardous chemicals on the rail cars.

No one was hurt.

Authorities say one man was fatally stabbed and another wounded in a fight in Sioux City last night.

Both men, who were taken to the hospital for treatment.  One was released after his treatment. Police have not released his name.

The other man was pronounced dead at a hospital.

Police identified him as 45-year-old Eleazar Lopez-Martinez. He lived in Sioux City.

No arrests or charges have been announced.

A caseworker accused of beating a client in northwest Iowa has pleaded not guilty.

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