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The Education Department says it’s investigating five Republican-led states that have banned mask requirements in schools, saying the policies could amount to discrimination against students with disabilities or health conditions. The department’s office for civil rights sent letters to education chiefs in Iowa, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Utah. Those states have barred schools from requiring masks among students and staff, a move that the department says could prevent some students from safely attending school.

Andrew Dutler/Sioux City Police Department

Training is extremely important for police officers and deputies. This week a special program provides high-level lessons to some four-legged law enforcers as well. Siouxland Public Media’s Sheila Brummer shares details and sounds of this intense instruction.

Local businessman Ryan Callaghan of RP Constructors helped cover the $20,000 pricetag for the training. 

The training sessions for the dogs and officers continue through tomorrow.

* Special thanks Sioux City Police Officer Andrew Dutler for recording the dogs in action.

Cultural Continuum 7.30.21

Jul 30, 2021

Laura Rain and the Ceasars plays Downtown Live this week. The Betty Ling Tsang Performance Series does Shakespeare and the Unity in the Community Block Party is Saturday at Cook Park.

Sioux City Police Department

July 1st ushered in several new laws for the state of Iowa, including a new permit-less gun law. A permit is no longer needed to carry or buy a handgun.

People still need background checks when buying from a federally licensed gun dealer. No check is needed for private sales.

However, someone would face a felony charge for selling a firearm to someone prohibited from having one.

Iowa’s new permit-less gun law is in effect as of today. Iowans no longer need a permit to carry or purchase a handgun.

Sgt. Jeremy McClure is a spokesperson for the Sioux City Police Department.

“What hasn’t changed though is when you are carrying a concealed weapon, you can’t take them into schools, or certain businesses. And, you can’t have a gun if you are intoxicated. So, it’s important people know those laws before they carry a concealed weapon in Iowa.”

The Sioux City Police released a review of a “use of force” incident at Perkins and found the officers involved acted within the department’s policies.

A video circulating on Facebook in late April showed a struggle between officers and a Black man.

A few days later, the police department released body camera footage from all officers on the scene. Investigators say the man was asked to leave the restaurant and refused and resisted arrest. At one point, the man was pushed into a booth with an officer pointing a taser at him.

Increased Patrols for Impaired and Distracted Drivers

Jun 10, 2021

Local law enforcement entities are teaming up with the Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau to help reduce a spike of deaths on the road in Iowa. The Iowa Department of Transportation reported a 25-percent increase in deaths this year over last year. The Iowa State Patrol told the Des Moines Register it is seeing some of the most dangerous driving in the organizations 85 years, with people driving too fast and using their phones.

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The head of Sioux City’s NAACP reflects on the one-year anniversary of the death of George Floyd.

“We have seen change that people are talking about, but I don’t know we can put our teeth into it, because things are still happening.”

That is Ike Rayford who is talking about incidents involving injustice against Black men across the country.

He say accountability is important and is happening in the case surrounding Officer Dereck Chauvin convicted in the murder of  George Floyd and the upcoming litigation involving the other officers in the case.

This week on The Exchange, how the medical victories of the past can help us move forward in dealing with the coronavirus.  Today, we hear some little-known stories of  medical and scientific innovations that doubled the human lifespan in the 20th century.  We talk with the force behind the new PBS Series Extra Life: The Science of Living Longer, Steven Johnson.  The series begins this week.  

Also, science is getting closer to giving people expanded, and some say, superhuman abilities. We talk with  researcher David Broyles about the future of superhuman powers.

Last week the Sioux City Police Department investigated a suspected case of murder-suicide. Evidence at the scene showed a husband killed his wife before turning the gun on himself. A spokesperson for the police force

Iowa Department of Public Health

The Iowa Department of Public Health added 18 more deaths due to complications of COVID-19, and almost 400 new cases with three in Woodbury County.

The number of deaths and cases may not have occurred during the past 24-hours as the state does add backdated information.

Currently there are almost 190 people hospitalized in the state with the virus with five patients being treated in Sioux City.

The 14-day test positivity rate statewide is 3.8%, in Woodbury County the level is 3.5%.

Siouxland Public Media

Police in Sioux City say two people have been arrested and charged in the killing of a man who was shot after he came to the aid of his girlfriend, who was being attacked.

22-year-old Martez Harrison, of Sioux City, died after being shot around 1 a.m. Saturday outside Uncle Dave’s bar on West Third Street.

Police later arrested 17-year-old Dwight Evans and 20-year-old Lawrence Canady.

Police say the shooting happened after Harrison and Canady argued, and Harrison called his girlfriend to pick him up.

Officials with the Sioux City Police Department say a suspected murder-suicide claimed the lives of a Sioux City couple yesterday.

Investigators say evidence at the scene shows that 60-year-old Nicholas Socknat may be responsible for the death of 51-year-old Kelli Socknat before shooting himself. The two lived together at a home near Morningside Elementary School.

Spokesperson Sgt. Jeremy McClure says there are no reports of disturbances involving the couple. However, given the circumstances detectives consider this a case an of domestic violence.

Sioux City police investigating a murder at a home near Glenn and South Mulberry Street in Morningside. A news release says when officer arrived for a check welfare call this morning, they found a man and woman dead from apparent gunshot wounds. Detectives believe they identified all of the parties involved and are not looking for any suspects in the case. A spokesperson was not able to confirm if the deaths were caused by murder-suicide.

Associated Press

Statement from Sioux City Police Department Surrounding the Derek Chauvin Murder Trial:

With the verdict coming in, a few of you have reached out with some questions about possible protests here. As of now, we have no intelligence indicating that any protests or demonstrations are planned locally. As such, we have not altered any schedules or moved any people in anticipation of any protests. We do have plans in place should something come up but again, we are not enacting those plans at this time.

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Health officials in all three Siouxland states have temporary stopped use of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, following CDC and FDA recommendations. This move comes after six women experienced severe and rare blood clots, resulting in one death. One case was diagnosed in Nebraska.

Health officials in South Dakota say no adverse cases were reported in nearly 16,000 doses of the J&J vaccine.  More than 78 thousand doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine have been administered in Iowa.

News release from the state of Nebraska:

The Iowa Department of Public Health reported three more deaths due to COVID-19 in Woodbury County for 214 in all since the start of the pandemic. Statewide there were 35 additional deaths reported in 24-hours and more than 550 new positive tests.

There are currently outbreaks at a dozen long-term care facilities in Iowa, with none in northwest Iowa.

Sioux City Police Department

The Sioux City Police Department released preliminary crime statistics that show a 26% overall increase in violent crime from the year before. A news release from Police Chief Rex Mueller did show property crimes fell by 15%. He says while the COVID-19 pandemic likely impacted local crime numbers, officials can’t give specifics to why violent crime is up.

Today the Sioux City Police Department said “goodbye” to an important person in its management team. Lisa Claeys started as an officer 37-years ago and was the first woman to receive the rank of Captain in 2009. She talked to Siouxland Public Media about her future, the evolution of law enforcement, and her role as a trailblazer.


There’s a new development in Sioux City’s first murder investigation of 2021.  Siouxland Public Media’s Sheila Brummer with the latest and more details on the young lady police call an “innocent victim.”

A Sioux City teenager is behind bars and charged in connection with a deadly shooting during a New Year’s celebration.

Eighteen-year-old Mia Kritis of Sioux City was killed while attending a party near Walker and Morningside Avenue. That’s near the Whispering Creek neighborhood. Three other teens were hurt.

Sioux City Police Department

Sioux City Police are on the lookout for a Sioux City man accused of a shooting at a gentleman’s club over the weekend. 

A woman was serious hurt during the shooting that took place after a fight outside Mavericks in the old stockyard area early on Saturday.  The victim was in the parking lot at the time watching the confrontation that didn’t involve the suspect.  Witnesses say 26-year-old Rudy C. Johnson started shooting toward the fight.

Sioux City Police Department

Stricter mask requirements went into effect in Iowa almost a month ago.  But, are people in Sioux City following the rules?  Siouxland Public Media’s talked to the top law enforcer for city for an update the impact of the disease on the police force.

Sioux City’s Police Chief says so far no citations have been handed out  since the Governor issued a partial mask mandate for public spaces.

“More often than not we are finding when someone calls and lists a concern people are voluntarily complying.  No one is trying to make a statement out there.”

SCPD/Jeremy McClure

The Sioux City Police Department showcased new body cameras at a news conference today.  They went into service a few weeks ago. Advocates pushed for the devices after the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis 

more than six months ago. Sioux City Police Chief Rex Mueller talked to Siouxland Public Media’s Sheila Brummer about the importance of the cameras and the work being done to help serve the whole community.

Sioux City Police Department

Sioux City police say they are investigating a death inside an apartment used by transients as a homicide. The victim's body was found Tuesday near 26th and Douglas near Grandview Park. Police did not release the gender of the victim, who appeared to have signs of blunt force trauma. The person appeared to have been deceased for a week. A medical examiner has not yet determined the cause of death. The apartment is part of a complex where 33-year-old Solomon Blackbird was shot on November 1st. He later died. Police say the two deaths do not appear to be related.

The Sioux City Community School District reports 13 news COVID-19 cases; 8 students and 5 staff in 9 buildings across the district.  Two multi-grade classes at West Middle School moved to Emergency Response Virtual Learning.  Woodbury County’s 14-day test positivity rate is almost 21%.  Anything above 15% is one criteria for a school district to move to on-line learning only.  District also need at least a 10% absenteeism rate.  A spokesperson for the Sioux City Community School District told Siouxland Public Media this week, that level hasn’t been reached yet.  The topic will likely be br

Siouxland District Health Department

Siouxland District Health says Woodbury County to see a significant number of COVID-19 cases.  There are also higher hospitalizations.  There were 97 new cases recorded today.  The running total of cases Monday afternoon was 7,800 and 100 deaths. Sioux City’s hospitals are treating a total of 84 COVID-19 patents with 60 hospitalized due just to the disease.  On Friday, there were 71. 

Statement from UnityPoint Health-St. Luke’s:

OCTOBER 30, 2020

Ninety-nine people have died in Woodbury County due to complications of COVID-19 after the addition of the death of an elderly man.  There were another 93 cases for a total of almost 7,500 since the start of the pandemic, with two-thirds recovered.

A Sioux City man faces charges of 1st Degree Murder and Willful Injury after a double stabbing in Sioux City overnight.

First responders found a 37-year-old man and 43-year-old woman with several stab wounds.  Both went to MercyOne where the man died and the woman is being treated for serious injuries. 

The suspect was found about an hour-and-a-half later walking near 21st and Nebraska near the location of the suspected attack.

Fifty-four-year-old Michael Landrum is behind bars this afternoon at the Woodbury County Jail.

Woodbury County Auditor Pat Gill reports confusion at the polls today in a Special Election to fill an opening on the Board of Supervisors.

Gill says as of 11 this morning, 184 people cast their ballots in person at a total of 7 polling spots in District 2.  However, almost the same amount of people have showed up to vote, forgetting they already filled out an absentee ballot for the same election.

The Sioux City Police Department recently expanded services to partner with mental health producers and other organization to better respond to people with mental health issues. 

Siouxland Public Media’s Sheila Brummer talked to Officer Andrew Dutler and Nicky Eaton with Siouxland Mental Health Center.  Eaton is also the Program Director of the Sioux Rivers Regional Assessment and Stabilization Center and MCAT Program that started working with the Sioux City Police Department since November. She also explores the mental health impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.