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Adrian Kolbo steps in as the new host for Food For Thought, and he welcomes Tyrel Drey to talk about what whiskeys make a good gift.

Food for Thought eases into the holiday season with a new host, Adrian Kolbo, who takes us into the holiday season with a buyer's guide for whiskey. From American bourbon to single malt Scotch, what's right for that special someone on your shopping list? Tyrel Drey is an expert on the subject and he'll help you out.

Cultural Continuum 5-11-18

May 11, 2018

Food For Thought - 1-05 Gnarly Pepper - Sara Gotch

Jan 5, 2018

Sara Gotch's idea to blend spices with plain Greek yogurt to make a healthy but tasty alternative to traditional dips and condiments won her the Innovation Market award last year. Now she's spreading her Gnarly Pepper brand from coast to coast and Adrian Kolbo asks her how that's going.

Cultural Continuum 12-01-17

Dec 1, 2017

Christmas programs at most area colleges and just about every other venue in the region this week. Lots of theater too and we break in new co-host Shelby Pierce!

Food For Thought 3.17 Gnarly Pepper

Mar 17, 2017

Innovation Market Accepting Entries

Jan 11, 2017

The Sioux City Growth Organization (SCGO) soliciting new business ideas for the Annual Innovation Market competition set for Thursday, February 16 at the Sioux City Public Museum.   SCGO

 President Chris Jackson kicked off the search for new innovations yesterday at the museum.  Jackson says the innovation market has grown quite a bit over the years.


“Initially, the innovation market started seven years ago with approximately 50 people.  In the last seven years it’s really grown, last year I think we had 200-250 people attend the event.”