Sioux City Council

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Sioux City Council members asked the city attorney yesterday to rework a proposed noise ordinance after local bar owners said it would hurt their businesses.  There was confusion about whether the ordinance would also apply to bars that play music on their own patios and even indoor events that would generate noise.

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Republican Governor Kim Reynolds signed a provision into law last week that would restrict publicly-funded health insurance from covering surgeries for transgender Iowans because that’s how it was before in Iowa.

Republican lawmakers passed the provision in response to an Iowa Supreme Court decision pointing out Medicaid must cover transition-related surgeries under the Iowa Civil Rights Act.

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Next week, members of the Iowa House will debate HB 773, which would prevent counties and cities from raising property taxes above a certain level each year. The Sioux City Council will consider a resolution opposing the bill at next Monday’s meeting.  At a news conference this morning, City manager Bob Padmore that the bill would result in a two-percent increase limit that would have to cover the fire department and police department, which use most of the city’s property tax dollars.  Padmore says the bill is based more innuendo than fact.  


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Coming up on The Exchange, the battle over immigration policy continues, A federal judge has ordered U.S. immigration authorities to reunite separated families on the border within 30 days, as Congress and President Donald trump continue a relative stand off on the issue.   we talk with an immigration attorney about the president’s decision last week to bring families together after much controversy.

Also, how Siouxland area woman helped win women’s suffrage,

The Exchange's Mary Hartnett held a forum with the six Sioux City Council candidates on Wednesday, November 1st, 2017.  It was held at the Sioux City Public Museum, in partnership with the League of Women Voters.  The election takes place next Tuesday, November 7th.  The candidates are incumbents Alex Watters, Dan Moore and Pete Groetken, and the challengers are Jake Jungers, Dennis Quinn, and Doug Waples.  



League of Women Voters Candidate Forum-10/03/17 

Coming up on The Exchange, we present a question and answer session with the media from last night’s League of Women Voter’s forum with the nine candidates for the Sioux City Council.  The candidates answered questions about a wide range of topics including housing, parking and drawing young people to Sioux City.

We’ll hear more of the League of Women Voters city candidate forum on the Exchange.

City Council to Revisit Fireworks Ordinance

Jul 7, 2017

On Monday, the Sioux City Council will reconsider its ordinance that allows several days for residents to discharge fireworks. The Iowa legislature legalized the private use of fireworks and cities in April.  Sioux City currently allows fireworks from June 25th until the 4th of July.   This morning at a city news conference, city councilor Dan Moore said he believed that the city allowed too many days for people to set off fireworks.



Newscast, 5:32, Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Jun 13, 2017

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds says the state will have to dip into its emergency fund to meet funding needs, and this comes after deep cuts passed by the Iowa Legislature this year.  It looks like students may be attending a new Bryant Elementary next August.  There are people gathering at West Lake Okoboji who are getting together to keep the lake free from pollution.