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U.S. agriculture officials say a rule that allows farmers to legally grow hemp will be finalized this week.

It's a move that many states have awaited for months so they can begin widespread hemp production.

It's a big step for Iowa farmers hoping to tap into a rapidly growing market for hemp-derived cannabidiol, commonly called CBD, used in everything from pet food to wine and creams that help relieve minor aches and pains. The $5 billion market is expected to grow to nearly $24 billion by 2023.

Six candidates are vying for four seats on the Sioux City Community Schools Board of Education.  Siouxland Public Media news scheduled a candidate forum for Friday, November 1, 2019 at noon at the downtown Sioux City Public Library.  The election takes place on Tuesday, November 5, 2019.

Biographical information provided by the candidates.


Sioux City, IA
Siouxland Public Media

As students across Siouxland enjoy their summer vacation, Siouxland Public Media took a closer look at the summer “Brain Drain”.  That’s when student lose some of the academic skills they learned through the school year.    

“O 74.”  

"Bingo!  Bingo!  Bingo!  We have some Bingos.”

REPORTER: “What do you think of Bingo night?”

“I really like it.  It’s fun.”

This is Bingo Night at Perry Creek Elementary School.  It’s a popular attraction a couple of weeks before the end of the school year.

The Sioux City Community School District’s music program just hit a high note after a major announcement from a famous performer.

Barry Manilow delivered an important message for students across the country and here locally.

“In second place, Sioux City School District from Sioux City, Iowa.  They get $20,000 for school instruments.”  “Fantastic!”

The Sioux City School District entered a video in a competition with the Barry Manilow Music Project.  First place receiving $100,000.

Jose Garcia

This past weekend graduation ceremonies took place for all three high schools in the Sioux City Community School District. 

Students received diplomas in a class showcasing lingual diversity.

Jose Garcia graduated from North High School and can’t wait for the future.

“I plan to go to Western Iowa Tech and transfer to USD and maybe Briar Cliff.”

REPORTER: What do you think of your high school years going to school in SC?

“They went fast especially these last two years.”

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A small group of rural residents in western Iowa’s Mills County has been warned they may have to evacuate due to recent heavy rains and increased flows on the Missouri River, according to Radio Iowa.

Mills County Public Information Officer Sheri Bowen says “significant flooding” is occurring again west of Interstate 29. The advisory about evacuation preparation covers a limited number of people because many homes in the area remain empty following the major flooding in March.

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Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds was in Sioux City today signing a bill into that extends the 1 cent sales tax.  The statewide sales tax for school infrastructure improvements set to expire in 10 years has been extended through 2051.

Sioux City Community School District Superintendent Dr. Paul Gausman (GAUS-min) attended the signing ceremony downtown and said the sales tax has helped the school district in the past and it will also be helpful in the future. He says the money will help the district renovate or replace some elementary schools. 

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A statewide sales tax for school infrastructure improvements set to expire in 10 years has been extended through 2051.

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed a bill extending that sales tax into law in Sioux City today (yesterday/Friday).

Sioux City Community School District Superintendent Dr. Paul Gausman (GAUS-min) says the state’s 1-cent sales tax has helped the school district in the past and will help them in the future.

The National Weather Service has confirmed a tornado with winds estimated at over 120 miles per hour touched down near Adair in western Iowa early this morning. There was one death from the storm. 74-year-old Linda Lee Brownlee died when her home was severely damaged.

The weather service says the tornado touched down around 1:29 am.  Meteorologist Chad Hahn says it’s rare to see tornadoes at that time of night.

0522hahn: 10          Looking at the tornadoes that have occurred since 1980, less than 5 percent occur between the hours of midnight and six am.

Coming up next on The Exchange, we hear from the three candidates to fill the remainders of a retiring member’s seat on the Sioux City School Board. They will present their proposals to the school board at its meeting next Monday.  One of them is former school board member John Meyers.

Also, we talk with the author of a new book that tells the story of an enslaved woman who ran away from President George Washington and was never caught.

And a look at the events you can expect at this year’s Rivercade Celebration.  That’s coming up, after this news.