Sioux City Community Inclusion Liaison Semehar Ghebrekidan

Siouxland Public Media/Sheila Brummer

On Wednesday, September 15th the city of Sioux City launches a new Community Speak-Out series to serve as a citizen listening session for city departments.

The first one starts at noon at the Sioux City Public Museum with a focus on diversity and inclusion.

Siouxland Public Media’s Mary Hartnett talked to Sioux City’s new Inclusion Liaison Semehar Ghebrekidan about this open dialogue and her thoughts on the current atmosphere of the community.

Just hours after a federal judge blocked Iowa’s law banning mask mandates, the Sioux City Community School Board agreed vote on the issue. It will take place tomorrow at 3 p.m., instead of noon.

Board vice-president Monique Scarlett put forth the motion, saying the mask mandate could help stop the spread of the very contagious Delta variant of the coronavirus.

School Superintendent Paul Gausman agreed that it was time to bring back face coverings, but some students and staff are likely to be exempt for health reasons.

Siouxland Public Media/Sheila Brummer

On Tuesday, August 10, 2021, a gathering to address homelessness took place in Sioux City. This meeting came about after protests following the removal of a camp near 4th and Wesley Parkway just outside of downtown.

All sides brought their concerns to city hall with a dialogue between advocates and professionals tasked with helping the homeless.

Sioux City’s new Community Inclusion Liaison Semehar Ghebrekidan moderated the conversation.