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60th Anniversay of the day "The Music Died"

Feb 6, 2019
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The past weekend marked the 60th anniversary of the day “The Music Died”. 

The crash of a plane in a cold cornfield in northern Iowa remains frozen in time.  The day, February 3rd, 1959, forever remembered through the song “American Pie” and descendants of those who witnessed the aftermath.

“My grandpa would tell stories, it was probably maybe 500 yards from their home and just about seven miles north of Clear Lake. He was wondering what all the commotion was all about so he just walked over there to see,” said Brian Mastre.

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A major renovation is underway at the historic Warrior Hotel in Sioux City.  Closed for more than 40 years, the real estate company Restoration St. Louis is giving the old building near 6th and Nebraska new life.  Siouxland Public Media Sheila Brummer toured the Warrior building yesterday with the owners of Restoration St. Louis and talked to them about the transformation of a Sioux City landmark.  Here’s her conversation with Amrit (auhm-rit) and Amy Gill.

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Grand Plans for Sioux City's Warrior Hotel

Feb 6, 2019

Grand plans are underway for a multi-million dollar project in downtown Sioux City.

For the first time in decades, The Warrior Hotel near 6th and Nebraska, sees new life.  

Construction crews started a major renovation in early January, that also includes the nearby Davidson building.

“I think the beauty in this, is we’re bring back the elegance and beauty that was lost in Sioux City,” said Amy Gill.  

Tackling Tax Time Changes

Jan 30, 2019

We always hear the saying “nothing is certain, except for death and taxes.”  But, uncertainty seems to surround this year’s tax season.

“There are quite a few changes, some good and some bad.  We will have to see wait and see how it shakes out in the end.”  

Brian Jensen is a CPA with Houlihan and Associates is an expert in his 35th year of doing taxes.

“Starting in 1984, they were a lot easier we could actually do them without a computer.  Now they are so complicated.”

Governor Gives Economic Accolades to Woodbury County

Jan 25, 2019

A special event at the Woodbury County Courthouse on Friday attracted local leaders, including Iowa’s Governor Kim Reynolds.

“It’s great to be here and be part of the recognition to be the first ACT Workforce Ready Community and they 

are really a model for other communities to follow,” said Reynolds.

Woodbury County became the first in the state to receive an ACT Work Ready Communities Certification. The distinction goes to communities improving the skill level of workers.  

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Coming up this week on The Exchange, Iowa Senator Joni Ernst says Senate Republicans are working on a compromise bill to end the partial govt. shutdown.


Also, how the shut down could soon affect supplemental food benefits like SNAP, 

and Iowa’s Supreme Court Chief Justice says citizens should be able to deal with minor legal issues online.  :That and more coming up on The Exchange, Wednesday at noon and Friday at 9:00 a.m. on SPR.




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Welcome to The Exchange on Siouxland Public Media, I’m Mary Hartnett.  Yesterday, Iowa’s first woman governor gave her first Condition of the State address since being elected in November.  Reynolds took over for longtime Governor Terry Branstad in 2017, after he resigned to become the US Ambassador to China.

As we gain a new year, some of us want to, or need to lose a few pounds.

But, getting there can take some heavy lifting.

Professional bodybuilder and trainer Rod Ketchens says when starting out, set realistic goals.

“Whether it be just to get into the gym for 20 minutes a day, 15 minutes a day, do cardio for ten minutes.”

Ketchens says it takes time to develop a good workout routine.

“If you develop those habits in 12 week’s time, you’re more apt to stick with things and see progress at that point.”

Ketchens say set weekly or even daily goals.

On The Exchange, we talk about the success of women candidates in the 2018 mid-term elections with newly elected Democratic 7th District State Senator Jackie Smith of Sioux City and Morningside College Associate Professor of Political Science, Valerie Hennings.

Also, Siouxland Public Media's Sheila Brummer talks with personal trainer Rod Ketchens about getting an staying fit in the new year.


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Coming up next on The Exchange, we celebrate the holiday season.  I talk with Morningside College professor Emeritus Bruce Fobes about the history of Christmas and preview a live, radio play production of A Christmas Carol, and we hear a new Small Wonder from Jim Schaap.