The executive order barring immigrants from seven countries has directly impacted people in our community.

Ode: Ryan Allen reads "Shanghai Portland"

Jul 13, 2016
Ally Karsyn

I could have known the instant I saw the eleven foot woman in a pink kimono, cherry red rouge, and dirty-blonde frizzed wig that my ringing in of the new 2008 year would be remarkable.  Could have seen it coming if I’d only watched for it, if only I’d read the website I’d of seen it: the promise of “live painters, stilters, hoopers, costumed fiends, balloons, dragons, and YOU!”  Could have known it was special because we had to take a bus to get here—to a hidden, tucked away in the corner kind of place where cars and feet can’t get you.  Should’ve just looked skyward toward the marquee:

Ode: Ryan Allen "Living on the Edge"

May 25, 2016


   I’ve lived in many places in my life.   I’ve wandered, I’ve been lost. I’ve searched for things and people I didn’t even know I was looking for.

   I spy through a camera. The world is mad. I try but can’t find any sense. I turn the lens inward and I get even more confused. Where am I supposed to go? How am I supposed to be? I can’t seem to find my place. I’m in-between worlds: between clarity and madness, between being a father and being a son, between a prairie of wild grass and a forest of planted trees.

The Sioux City Symphony Orchestra closes its 100th season with Collide, an innovative concert mixing the symphony hall with the beats from the streets. The SCSO's Ryan Haskins joined SPM's Steve Smith. 

SCSO's Ode to Joy

Apr 15, 2016

More that 400 musicians will perform for the Sioux City Symphony's 100th Season finale. Ryan Haskins, the fellow tasked with keeping them all together, joined Steve Smith. 

Sioux City Symphony Orchestra

Wikimedia Commons

Maestro Ryan Haskins joined Gretchen for an in-depth conversation about the SCSO's program for the upcoming concert, "Musicians Celebrate 100."    

The Sioux City Symphony Orchestra opens their 100th season with 6-time Tony winner Audra McDonald, Saturday night at the Orpheum Theatre. Music director Ryan Haskins had a chat with FM90's Steve Smith about her, her voice, and 100 years of music.


Sioux City Symphony Orchestra

This Saturday, the Sioux City Symphony Orchestra begins celebrating its 100th anniversary. Singer Audra McDonald will be the soloist, singing favorites from opera, Broadway, and more. Later this year, the Symphony will join with the National Music Museum in Vermillion for a concert featuring historical instruments, including the Amati "King" cello. This year's program is truly exciting.

Iowa Piano Competition

Mar 19, 2015

This year marks the 8th Iowa Piano Competition, a tremendous event that draws top pianists from around the world -- past winners include Wayne WengChaoyin Cai, and Denis Evstuhin, an elite group of artists, to say the least.