Fitz Grant

In today's adventure, Jared the Pop Machine and Squishy the Jello find themselves trapped in a pool shed. Will they be able to find their way out? Will Jared's hunger get the best of him? Will Squishy forgive Jared for his past transgressions? Find out as the Sanford Center Radio Players present this original radio drama.

This bit of theatre was spontaneously composed by the children at the Sanford Center in Sioux City one summer day in 2015.    

Janine Calsbeek

Yunnan province in southwestern China spreads between the tropical jungles of Burma and Vietnam on the South and the Himalayan heights of Tibet on the north; it's a massive land with dynamic features and history. Shanren, comprised of musicians from this region, joins together the features and traditions that have been shaped by these dynamics as well as the by the band members' studies and travels throughout the world.  

Laughing Her Lips Off

Jan 15, 2015

FM90’s Gretchen Gondek visits with local author and humorist Jenny Herrick about enjoying life and overcoming challenges through laughter.