Siouxland Public Media

Siouxland Public Media was honored for work done to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Woodbury County Courthouse.

“It was truly a privilege to take part in something involving this terrific building.  It's such a treasure in our community, something beyond this community.  To have my name attached to this is a real honor.”

- Siouxland Public Media Station Manager Mark Munger. 

US Bureau of Land Management

You have to hunt to find it, but here and there along the way you’ll find stone markers, set down a century ago to memorialize a highway that for a couple of rowdy decades swept through the land not so far away, on its way to nothing less than the promise of the good life. It’s the Oregon Trail.

The first white folks to "do" the trail were the Whitmans, a couple of newlywed missionaries bound for eastern Washington. It was 1836. Mrs. Whitman's letters home were a marvel when they were published out east, sparking a romance for the west in hearts and minds all over this nation.