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A House panel has tabled a bill that would ban Iowa health care providers from trying to change a child’s sexual orientation or gender identity. 

Committee Chair Bobby Kaufmann, a Republican, says he wants to keep working on legislation to ban conversion therapy for LGBTQ children. 

The Iowa Court of Appeals has rejected two cases challenging a law that restructured the state judicial nominating commission. 

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The Iowa Department of Transportation is awarding 4.6 million dollars to help transit fleets replace buses. The money comes from Volkswagen as part of its settlement for 2015 Clean Air Act violations.

The largest amount of money will partially fund 107 new school buses across the state. Half of these buses will use a propane engine.

Zac Bitting (BIT-ting rhymes with hitting) is the DOT’s grant manager and says propane fuel generates less pollution than diesel.

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The state of Iowa is facing a lawsuit over the new ag-gag law passed in March. 

critics argue it’s essentially the same as the original which was struck down by a federal court.

The new law calls it trespassing if someone lies to get onto a farm because they want to harm the business. When she signed it into law, Governor Kim Reynolds said it was necessary to keep farms secure.

But Rita Bettis Austen, legal director of the ACLU of Iowa, says it also stops journalists from investigating things like mistreatment of workers or animals.

Branstad and the Leopold Center  051617

It looks like The Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture will survive, but without money from the state. Governor Terry Branstad used his veto authority Friday to save the agricultural research center, even though majority of state lawmakers voted to dismantle it.  The center's future remains uncertain.

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Jun 15, 2016





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