James C Schaap

We were standing atop a miniature mountain, looking out over the Big Sioux River from a statuesque bluff not all that far from the confluence of the Missouri and the Big Sioux, over the prairie land of Broken Kettle Grasslands Preserve, 3000 acres of sheer beauty.  No one else was there.

Cultural Continuum 4-13-18

Apr 13, 2018

The Box at LAMB presents Aura, Akron Community Theater does Oliver, the Northwest Iowa Symphony Youth Orchestra performs their spring concert and it's time to play ball at the Sanford Museum in Cherokee.

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Cultural Continuum 9-01-17

Sep 1, 2017

A Photo Album of Ireland

Dec 15, 2016

“A Photo Album of Ireland” is now on display at the Sioux City Public Museum.  The exhibit includes dozens of photos of the Irish people over more than 150 years.  Trish Lamb is the curator of the exhibit.  Lamb says photography when became accessible in the 1850s, people thought of it as a miracle, because for the first time could see an accurate representation of themselves.



The Sioux City Art Center will open a new exhibition this Saturday. Collected by the LeGrand family, the works on display are representative of the contemporary upper Midwest. Because the family has promised to give the collection to the museum, visitors will not only be given a reflection of our recent past, they will be glimpsing our future holdings - seeing what future generations will see at the Center.