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Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate is launching an effort to register more high school students to vote.

It follows a new law allowing 17-year-old Iowans to register to vote. They can also now participate in primaries and caucuses if they’ll turn 18 in time to vote in the general election.

Pate says with all of the presidential campaigns working in Iowa and more targeting of high school students, he thinks the state could see a big increase in youth registration and voter turnout.

Voter ID Public Hearing 030717

More than 240 eople signed up to give testimony last night at a statehouse hearing on a bill that would require Iowa voters to present ID’s at the polls.  House File 516 brought out large numbers supporters and opponents.  Secretary of State Paul Pate is the author of the measure and he spoke first.  He said the bill should make it easy to vote and hard to cheat. Pate said that no one would be denied the right to vote if the bill becomes law.



Alex Waters

The state legislature has been in session seven weeks and a lot has happened.  Lawmakers passed the controversial Chapter 20 measure that largely ended collective bargaining for public employees in Iowa, changing the way their healthcare will be managed and might eventually affect their pension system.

The executive order barring immigrants from seven countries has directly impacted people in our community.