Omaha Tribe of Nebraska

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Nebraska’s four Native American tribes took part in a special celebration at the state Capitol in Lincoln today for Indigenous Peoples Day.   

One of the speakers at the event was the Chairwoman of the Winnebago Tribe Victoria Kitcheyan

"We have an opportunity to educate our friends, neighbors, and relatives in the teaching of the Ho-Chunk People, The Ponca People, Omaha Nation, and Santee Sioux Tribe."

This week on The Exchange, we focus on issues that affect Native Americans in Siouxland.

Siouxland Public Media/Sheila Brummer

This summer, the Omaha Tribe of Nebraska held an outreach event for young people on the reservation. Part of this exploration included art.    

Siouxland Public Media’s Sheila Brummer paints the picture of this creative cultural history lesson.

“Can I start?”      


More than a dozen youngsters with brushes in hand help bring a mural to life, including 15-year-old Traylin Sheridan of Rosalie, Nebraska. She and others work to cover a wall once gilded with graffiti.


Siouxland Public Media/Sheila Brummer

Youngsters from the Omaha Tribe are learning lessons surrounding their history and culture this week. Siouxland Public Media’s Sheila Brummer traveled to Macy, Nebraska for this first of its kind event.