Old Missouri River Trail Memorial

Alfred Jacob Miller / Wikimedia Commons

Some call it the West's "golden age." I got to be convinced. Back then there was no Sioux City, no Iowa, no South Dakota, no Nebraska--what was here was the confluence of three rivers, one of them named after a young white adventurer who happened to die in a camp just off these hills. 

One of those river, the Missouri, was a I-29, an interstate that carried just about everybody who was anybody in our world. Those who didn't ride on water, walked or rode horseback. Few who passed here stayed back then. Those who did tried hard to get along. 


Old Missouri Trail 2 061019

A marker for a long-forgotten trail was dedicated in Sioux City’s War Eagle Park Sunday afternoon.   The Old Missouri Trail Monument marks a Native American and fur trappers’ trail that was being used long before white people settled the area.  The monument was first unveiled in May 1928 by the Martha Washington Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Cultural Continuum 6-07-19

Jun 7, 2019

Joanne Fox joins Steve for this first Cultural Continuum of June. Every week things get a little more like summertime.