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A man who burned four children’s books from the Orange City Library last year was found guilty of criminal mischief today Sioux County District Court.  Paul Dorr was fined $65-dollars plus a 35 percent surcharge and court costs. 

Last October,  Dorr recorded himself on video publicly burning four children’s library books that have lesbian, gay and bisexual themes --- mostly in protest to a pride festival happening in Orange City. In a written statement, Dorr said he burned the books to exercise his freedom of speech and faith. 

Cultural Continuum 10-19-18

Oct 19, 2018
Janus Films

A big Pride event in Orange City this weekend, WITCC hosts a Zombie Walk followed by a blood crawl, which is kind of like a pub crawl, except Halloweenier. There's a CROP Walk too and where in the heck is Sixto Rodriguez? The NMM goes Searching for Sugarman in Vermillion.

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Welcome to The Exchange, on Siouxland Public Media, I’m Mary Hartnett.  Today we are on the road at the Town Square Coffeehouse in Orange City, Iowa.  We are here to hold a community roundtable to talk about the recent controversy surrounding some books at the Orange City Public Library. These children’s books discuss issues that are pertinent to LGBTQ families.   A member of the community put forth a petition calling for the books to be removed or relabeled because he felt they were not appropriate for children in this community. 

Silence, suppression and shame—Mike Goll knows them well.