04.05.19 404

The Iowa Supreme Court has ruled that police departments can keep investigative reports secret even after an inquiry has concluded.

The finding is significant because it could be used by municipalities to justify withholding a range of documents, including video, from the public and media.

The court ruled Friday that an exemption to the Iowa Open Records Act for police reports does not apply only to ongoing investigations. 

Things We Couldn't Say

Jun 21, 2016

Following Holland's fall to Hitler's army, Diet Eman's Jewish friend Herman was told to report for transport. Upon hearing this, she and her fiance, Hein Sietsma, made the decision to risk their lives for their beliefs. Diet and Hein would later be sent to concentration camps for their acts of resistance, and Hein would indeed lose his life. Diet survived. She came to the United States and made her home in Michigan following the war, and she began to tell her story. The author James Schaap happened to be one of her listeners, and, taken by her story, offered to be her biographer.