Monique Scarlett

Sioux City Community Schools

The Sioux City Community School District addressed increasing absences with staff and students due to COVID-19.  Even though no official action was taken, Siouxland Public Media's Sheila Brummer has more on the increasing concern with some school leaders when it comes to keeping students and staff safe.

Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Paul Gausman says some buildings in the district are getting close to moving to virtual learning only.

The state of Iowa allows a school district to move to virtual learning if the 14-day positivity rate exceeds 15% with 10% absentee rates. 

Một đội đặc nhiệm mới đang được đưa ra để chống lại sự bất công chủng tộc và giúp phát triển cải cách cảnh sát ở Iowa.

Lực lượng đặc nhiệm (The Equity Task) bao gồm các đại diện từ khắp tiểu bang.

Các thành viên địa phương là Cảnh Sát Trưởng thành phố Sioux City Rex Mueller, Ike Rayford, thuộc NAACP địa phương và Unity trong Cộng Đồng Sáng Lập Monique Scarlett.

Seerri haaroyni hojii irra olfamuuf jalqabamaa jira, sababa miidha bifaafi eenyumaa isaanitin irra gahaa jiruuf poolisooni Iowa seera haarawa baafatan.

Hojiin walqixxumaa bakka bu’oota kutaa hundarraayu kan hammatu ta’a.

Miseensa naannawa itti gaafatamaa poolisa Sioux City Rex Mueller, Ike Rayford, NAACP kan naannawa fi Unity kan Community founder Monique Scarlett fa’a.

በአዮዋ ውስጥ የዘር ኢፍትሃዊነትን ለመዋጋት እና የፖሊስ ማሻሻያዎችን ለማጎልበት አዲስ ግብረ ኃይል እየተሰራ ይገኛል ፡፡

የእኩልነት ተግባር ሀይል ከመላው የክልሉ ተወካዮችን ያጠቃልላል ፡፡

የአከባቢው አባላት የSioux City ፖሊስ ሃላፊ ሬክስ ሙለር ፣ ኢካ ሬይፎርድ የአከባቢው NAACP እና የማህበረሰብ መስራች ሞኒኬክ እስክታርሌት ናቸው።

በሶዮuxland ዲስትሪክት ጤና በ Woodbury ካውንቲ ውስጥ COVID-19 ዘጠኝ አዲስ አዎንታዊ ጉዳዮችን ሪፖርት እንዳደረገ እና አዲስ ሞት እንደማይኖር አስታውቋል ፡፡የግዛት ኮሮናቫይረስ ድርጣቢያ በጠቅላላው ለ 43 እና ለ 3,100 ገደማ የሚሆኑ ጉዳዮችን በተመለከተ ተጨማሪ ሞት ያሳያል ፡፡በመላ አገሪቱ 690 ሰዎች አልቀዋል እናም ከ 26,600 በላይ የሚሆኑ አዎንታዊ ጉዳዮች አሉ ፡፡ይህ በ 24-ሰዓት ውስጥ ከ 250 በላይ ጭማሪ ነው።

Se está creando un nuevo grupo de trabajo para combatir la injusticia racial y ayudar a desarrollar la reforma policial en Iowa.

La Fuerza de Tarea de Equidad incluye representantes de todo el estado.

Los miembros locales son el jefe de policía de Sioux City, Rex Mueller, Ike Rayford, de la NAACP local y Monique Scarlett, fundadora de Unity in the Community . (Unidad en la Comunidad)

A new task force is being put in place to fight racial injustice and to help develop police reform in Iowa after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

The Equity Task force will be a joint effort with law enforcement and the NAACP and includes representatives from across the state.

Local members are Sioux City Chief Rex Mueller, Ike Rayford of the President of the local NAACP and Unity in the Community Founder Monique Scarlett.

Shelby Pierce

Local NAACP President Ike Rayford and Shelby Pierce interview Sioux City Police Chief Rex Mueller and community activist Monique Scarlett in an open and honest conversation about the death of George Floyd, the state of policing, the use of excessive force in our community, and how we can find unity in the midst of anger and grief.  

Six candidates are vying for four seats on the Sioux City Community Schools Board of Education.  Siouxland Public Media news scheduled a candidate forum for Friday, November 1, 2019 at noon at the downtown Sioux City Public Library.  The election takes place on Tuesday, November 5, 2019.

Biographical information provided by the candidates.


092019-noon news

Iowa's unemployment rate remained at 2.5% in August.

Iowa Workforce Development reported today that the rate didn't change from the previous month as the number of unemployed people and the number of residents with jobs both increased.

Iowa is tied for the nation's third-lowest unemployment rate, behind Vermont and North Dakota. Iowa's rate ties with the rate in New Hampshire.

The national unemployment rate for August was 3.7%.

Mary Hartnett

Welcome to The Exchange, on Siouxland Public Media, I’m Mary Hartnett.  Most kids these days can often be found glued to a phone or an Ipad, watching their favorite shows, playing games, and connecting on Facebook or other social media.  Parents use safety settings and other controls, yet it is still hard to make sure kids are safe when they are online.   “Parent Alert: How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online,” by Will Geddes and Nadia Sawahla gives parents some simple strategies that can keep you informed about your kids' activities online.  Geddes says he wanted to cut through the endless inf

Coming up next on The Exchange, we hear from the three candidates to fill the remainders of a retiring member’s seat on the Sioux City School Board. They will present their proposals to the school board at its meeting next Monday.  One of them is former school board member John Meyers.

Also, we talk with the author of a new book that tells the story of an enslaved woman who ran away from President George Washington and was never caught.

And a look at the events you can expect at this year’s Rivercade Celebration.  That’s coming up, after this news.