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Attorneys for the state of South Dakota and the American Civil Liberties Union appeared before a federal judge today to argue their positions on a new law that aims to prevent disruptive demonstrations.

The ACLU is suing Gov. Kristi Noem and others saying the new law — which was enacted in anticipation of the Keystone XL pipeline blocks protected speech.

Supporters of the legislation sought to head off protests of the Keystone XL like those mounted against the Dakota Access oil pipeline in North Dakota in 2016 and 2017.

Photo from May 28, 2019
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CNN reports the White House denied Congressman Steve King’s request to join the president on Air Force One as he traveled to Council Bluffs, Iowa yesterday.

Iowa Senator Joni Ernst and Senator Deb Fischer of Nebraska both joined Trump on Air Force One.

Siouxland Public Media contacted Representative’s King’s office for comment, we’re still waiting for a reply.

President Trump was in Iowa yesterday to celebrate a recent decision to lift restrictions on the sale of gasoline blended with 15-percent ethanol.

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From St. Louis to just north of Sioux City, the Missouri River is now closed to all commercial and recreational vessels.   The US Coast Guard says the closure is due to existing hazards such as drift and high water.  Boats may cause damage to or overtopping of levees. The closure will remain in effect until water levels decrease to a safe condition. 

Vessels being used for flood mitigation or restoration and fortification of levees may continue to operate, but minimize their wake to the greatest extent possible.  

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The Iowa Boards of Regents today decreed that In-state students at the University of Iowa and Iowa State will be paying nearly four percent more in tuition costs beginning this fall.  The Board approved a proposed tuition increase for Iowa's public universities today. This action is the first in a planned five-year tuition model that was years in the making."

Out-of-state students attending ISU would pay about 5-percent more, and at Iowa, they would pay about a percent more in tuition.

The Sioux City Boy Scouts were there to lead the assembly in the Pledge of Allegiance. And the school band from Central High offered some fitting selections. The Sioux City Journal claims there were 300 folks in attendance at the dedication that Sunday afternoon, a goodly crowd of citizenry in 1929. 

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Flood concerns in Siouxland are fading.  After cresting at 30.32 feet early Saturday morning, the Missouri River had fallen more than half a foot as of Sunday afternoon and is expected to continue dropping over the next few days.

Data accumulated by the National Weather Service station in Sioux Falls shows the Missouri River had been at flood stage – 30 feet in depth – since around 8 a.m. Friday. The river dropped below flood stage early Sunday morning around 6.

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Authorities in Sioux City keeping a close watch on rising water levels.

The Iowa DOT has closed a portion of Hamilton Boulevard at Interstate 29, and the southbound on-ramp and off-ramp to I 29.

The Sioux City Public Boat Ramp is closed and access to Chris Larson Park from Hamilton Boulevard has been impacted.

Also, there are portions of I- 29 still closed in western Iowa, one mile south of Missouri Valley to the south of Omaha.  And from Pacific Junction all the way to the Missouri border. There are several flood warnings in the region.  

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A small group of rural residents in western Iowa’s Mills County has been warned they may have to evacuate due to recent heavy rains and increased flows on the Missouri River, according to Radio Iowa.

Mills County Public Information Officer Sheri Bowen says “significant flooding” is occurring again west of Interstate 29. The advisory about evacuation preparation covers a limited number of people because many homes in the area remain empty following the major flooding in March.

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