Missouri River

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The future home of Lamb Arts Regional Theatre is now a local landmark.

The Sioux City Council approved the designation. 

Lamb is working to raise more than $11 million to restore the old city auditorium across from the Woodbury County Courthouse. 

The designation, approved yesterday, now allows the building to be eligible for historic preservation tax credits from the state.

The Woodbury County Board of Supervisors meeting has been canceled for today.  

That’s because there aren’t enough supervisors to hold a quorum of members.

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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers doesn't expect to eliminate from its reservoir system all the leftover water from last year's near-record runoff that led to massive flooding along the Missouri River. Officials are raising the current releases in expectation of high spring runoff again this year. The Corps told the Omaha World-Herald the system needs to make as much space as possible in light of forecasts for warmer than normal weather and higher than normal runoff. 

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Hundreds of containers, many carrying hazardous materials, have floated into Missouri since flooding in the upper Missouri River basin during the spring. A Missouri Department of Natural Resources officials says the agency collected more than 740 containers this year. Many are believed to be from Nebraska and Iowa. The containers range from small buckets to 500,000-gallon tanks. Many contain diesel fuel, pesticides or ammonia.

Eight months after flooding began along the lower Missouri River, the amount of water being released from dams upriver will start to be reduced later this month.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers says the amount of water being released from the Gavins Point Dam on the Nebraska-South Dakota border will start to gradually be reduced on Nov. 23 as part of its plan to cut releases for winter.

The river has remained high ever since the spring flooding because the amount of rain and melting snow flowing into the river was near record levels this year.

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A Polk County judge has ruled the state of Iowa can require voters to show an ID at the polls but struck down other parts of the 2017 voting law as unconstitutional.

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Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer will speak in two campaign events on Wednesday.

Steyer has been vocal in his efforts to impeach President Donald Trump, and he is now making his first campaign stops in Northwest Iowa.

At 9 a.m., Steyer will speak at Hardline Coffee Co., in Sioux City, and at 12:45 p.m. at Better Day Coffee, in Storm Lake, Iowa.

The governor has announced the State of Iowa’s last fiscal year ended with a surplus of nearly $290 million.

Crawford County Sheriff Jim Steinkuehler

A tense time for a family in west-central Iowa after their daughter disappeared last night.  

Authorities launched a massive search after the girl, who is three, got lost in her family’s cornfield.

Deputies and first responders from Crawford and Monona Counties descended on the farm north of Charter Oak.

Two hours later, the girl was found.    

On Facebook, Crawford County Sheriff Jim Steinkuehler posted a photo of the smiling toddler saying “in times of trouble communities do come together.”    


Water levels continue to slowly recede on the Missouri River and Big Sioux River, easing flooding worries in the region. The Union County Emergency Manager said today that agencies are watching levees along rivers. The Associated Press reported five days ago the lower Missouri River was flooding in Nebraska and Iowa, following recent exceptionally heavy rains in Montana, North and South Dakota and Nebraska.

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Floodwater from the Missouri River has forced officials to close a portion of Interstate 29 in western Iowa.

The Iowa Transportation Department said Friday the 10-mile stretch extends north from the Crescent exit to the Missouri Valley area. A detour is in operation. Several I-29 interchange ramps are closed in southwest Iowa as well.

The river continues to rise and flood mostly rural land in Nebraska and Iowa and is expected to crest Saturday near Omaha.