Minnesota US Senator Amy Klobuchar (D)

FEBRUARY 3, 2020
Siouxland Public Media

The Iowa Democratic Party says results from the state’s first-in-the-nation caucuses have been delayed indefinitely due to “quality checks” and “inconsistencies” in some reporting.  Siouxland Public Media’s Sheila Brummer spent last night at ONE caucus in Sioux City where things appeared to run smoothly.

“I hereby call this caucus to order.”   

Abbie Gaffey leads the caucus for the 19th Precinct at North Middle School’s library in Sioux City, one of more than 40 locations in Woodbury County.

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More than two years have passed since the first presidential announcement, nearly $1 billion has been spent and numerous candidates have already come and gone. 




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Former Vice President Joe Biden is holding his lead in national polling just days ahead of the Iowa caucuses, but Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is keeping the gap narrow.

Biden takes the top spot in the latest Quinnipiac University national poll with 26% support among Democrats and Democratic-leaning voters, up slightly from 25% in a Jan. 13 survey. 

Sanders rose to 21% in the latest tally, up from 19% two weeks ago and his highest tally so far in the poll.

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The Democratic Candidates are cutting a swath through Iowa in the last few days before the Feb. 3rd presidential caucuses.   

Tomorrow, former Vice President Joe Biden will hold an event at Western Iowa Tech Community College.  He will appear at the Rocklin Center at 1:15 p.m.  A previous appearance by Biden earlier this month was canceled because of bad weather.

Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar will be in town Thursday.  

Trace Taylor

Following script is a longer version of a Siouxland Public Media special report:

The Iowa Caucuses are about a week away and for the past several months the candidates have sought out the support of Siouxlanders.  Siouxland Public Media’s Sheila Brummer covered many of these campaign events and found insight from a young, but informed source with aspirations of her own.  

Disco lights and an occasional Disney tune set the scene for roller skating night at Girls Inc. in Sioux City, Iowa.

“I’m Maggie, I’m 10.” 

This week on The Exchange, as the new looms, we consider our goals and life choices and sometimes ask ourselves if we have sold out on our values.  We talk with the author of a new book called "The Ethical Sellout," about the many ways compromise can help us make decisions that accord with our values and the practical needs of our lives.


Iran has vowed “harsh retaliation” for a U.S. airstrike near Baghdad's airport that killed its top general.

Iowa Senator Joni Ernst, a retired member of the Iowa National Guard wrote on Twitter “she applauded the work of U.S. military personnel in carrying out the mission, America, and our world is safer”.

With a month on go before the Iowa caucuses, Democratic candidate Tom Steyer visits northwest Iowa.

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Democratic presidential candidate and Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar is back in Iowa less than a week after completing visits to all 99 counties and about a month ahead of the Iowa caucuses.

Klobuchar held a town hall in Sioux City today (Thursday). She read a question from a voter asking how she’d flip back counties that voted for President Barack Obama in 2012 and President Donald Trump in 2016. She says that happens by visiting small rural towns where it’s sometimes “uncomfortable.”

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Iowa’s first in the nation presidential caucuses take place one month from tomorrow and Democratic candidates are visiting Siouxland in preparation.  Minnesota US Senator Amy Klobuchar talked with potential caucus-goers today at Sioux City’s Orpheum Theater.  Klobuchar said her campaign was surging and she had raised more than one million dollars the day after the Dec. 19th presidential debate.  She answered a question from the crowd about “recovering” from President Trump’s trade war.  Klobuchar said the country needed consistent trade policies.

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Democratic Presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar told potential Siouxland caucus-goers today that her campaign has surged since the December 19th debate.  The Minnesota US Senator told supporters at the Orpheum Theater today that that financial boost has meant a lot to her campaign.

“After that last debate, we raised over a million dollars in small contributions in 24 hours.  So we’re seeing a total surge that’s allowed us to double our staff in the state of Iowa. “