Food For Thought - 7-27 Matt Hubert, Brioux City

Jul 27, 2018

Brioux City is a fairly new brewery in Sioux City, located adjacent to a fairly old bar.  Marty's Tap now offers four of Brioux City's offerings at any given time. Current selections include a Jalepeno Pineapple IPA, the Peanut Buddha Stout, the D.A.D. Cream Ale and a Lemon Haze. Also the 1st Annual Sioux City BriouxFest is on the horizen with lots of great local music on...err....on tap.

Guest Dave Winslow from Jackson St. Brewing stops by to talk with guest-host Steve Smith about his nearly 3 year old business, the brewing process, casks, whiskey barrels, IPA's, stouts, sours, and....Hamms, of course.  

Food For Thought - 3-09 Kelly Quinn

Dec 8, 2017

Nebraska Microbreweries Bill Favors Small Craft Beer Makers

May 11, 2017

Nebraska lawmakers yesterday defeated a measure that would have created some hurdles for microbreweries.  They had concerns that it would hurt a flourishing statewide industry.  Siouxland Public Media’s Mary Hartnett has more.

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The proposal would have required that beer produced by micro breweries go a distributor's warehouse before going on to liquor stores, groceries and other outlets.