Trung tâm y Tế Siouxland báo cáo thêm một trường hợp tử vong tại quận Woodbury từ Covid-19. Đó là một người đàn ông trong độ tuổi từ 61 đến 80 và đã qua đời tại nhà. Vì vậy, đến nay đã có bảy người chết ở khu vực thành phố Sioux City do các biến chứng của vi khuẩn.

Sáng Thứ Tư, Bộ Y Tế Công Cộng tiểu bang Iowa đã báo cáo có thêm hàng chục cái chết cho tổng số là 219 người dân Iowa.


Degmada Siouxland Health Health waxay soo sheegaysaa hal dhimasho oo dheeri ah oo ka dhacda Gobolka Woodbury laga soo bilaabo COVID-19. Wuxuu ahaa nin inta u dhaxaysa da'da 61 iyo 80 wuuna ku dhintay guriga. Marka, ilaa iyo hadda toddobo ayaa ku dhintey aagga metrooga ee magaalada'ioioio 'dhibaatooyinka ka dhashey fayraska.

Subaxnimadii Arbacada, Waaxda Caafimaadka Dadweynaha ee Iowa ayaa soo weriyey dhowr iyo toban kun oo dhimasho ah wadarta guud ee 219 Iowan.

Manni fayyaa Sioux land namni tokko sababa coronavirus irra kan ka’e har’a du’uu gabasan. Innis nama umrii 61-80 yoo ta’u manumantti du’e. magaala Sioux city naanno metro keessati waligalati namni coronavirus du’e 7 gahee jira.

Harba ganama manni fayya Iowa Department namni walii galatti du’e Iowa keessatti nama 219 akka gahe gabaasan.

Iowa keessatti namni haarawni qabame 293 yoo ta’u waliigalati 10,400. Magaala Woodbury keessatti namni haarawa qabame baayedha. Magaala Dakota keessatti namni qabame sababa rakkina technicality hin beekamne.

Siouxland አውራጃ ጤና be COVID-19 ምክንያት ዛሬ በ Woodbury County አንድ ተጨማሪ ሞት ሪፖርት አድርጓል። ከ 61 እስከ 80 ዓመት የሆኑ እና በቤት ውስጥ ያልፈው ሰው ነበር ፡፡ ስለዚህ በSioux City ከተማ ውስጥ በቫይረሱ ​​በተጠቁ ችግሮች እስካሁን 7 ሰዎች ሞተዋል ፡፡

ረቡዕ ጠዋት ፣ የአዮዋ የህዝብ ጤና መምሪያ በጠቅላላው 219 አይዋዊያን በደርዘን የሚቆጠሩ መሞታቸውን ዘግቧል ፡፡

293 አዲስ texaqi sehonu ጠቅላላው 10,400 dersawal ፡፡ በ Woodbury County ውስጥ ሁለት ደርዘን አዳዲስ ጉዳዮች ነበሩ። በቴክኒክ ችግር ምክንያት አዲስ ቁጥሮች ከDakota City አይገኙም።

ወረርሽኙ በተከሰተበት ወቅት የSioux City ሁለት ሆስፒታሎች የህመምተኛ እንክብካቤን አስመልክቶ መግለጫዎችን አውጥተዋል ፡፡

El Distrito de Salud de Siouxland informa una muerte más en el condado de Woodbury por COVID-19. Era un hombre de entre 61 y 80 años y falleció en su casa. Por lo tanto, hasta ahora siete han muerto en el área metropolitana de Sioux City por complicaciones del virus.

El miércoles por la mañana, el Departamento de Salud Pública de Iowa informó una docena de muertes adicionales para un total de 219 habitantes de Iowa.

Siouxland District Health reports one more death in Woodbury County from COVID-19.   He was a man between the ages of 61 and 80 and passed away at home.  So, far seven have died in the Sioux City metro area from complications of the virus. 

Wednesday morning, the Iowa Department of Public Health reported a dozen additions deaths for a total of 219 Iowans.

There were 293 new cases for a total of just over 10,400.  There were two dozen new cases in Woodbury County. New numbers from Dakota County aren’t available because of technical difficulties.

Iowa reported the deadliest day due to COVID-19 with a dozen deaths for a total of almost 150.

“We know COVID-19 poses the most risk to people who are older and those with underlying heath conditions.  The vast majority of deaths are with that vulnerable population,” said Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds.

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds says she plans to take extra action to deal with a surge of cases in Woodbury County.

There are a total of almost 750. That’s more than 10% of cases in the state.

Iowa Department of Public Health

Mayors in the Sioux City metro area put out a statement calling for all public health organizations to increase the level of transparency in reporting COVID-19 cases to the community after a surge of new cases. 

The mayors of Sioux City, Sergeant Bluff, North, South and Dakota Cities signed the statement.

They also urge all tri-state-governors to use caution when lifting current restrictions across the region and for the public to be vigilant in following all health and safety guidelines.


The threat of a strike for nurses at MercyOne in Sioux City appears to be over.

The union bargaining team announced on social media Thursday both sides worked out a tentative agreement.

Union members still need to vote for the agreement to become official.

The hospital and nurses were embroiled in a contract dispute spanning more than seven months.  Their contract expired in September.  Ten-days ago, nurses gave the go ahead for a potential walk out.  The hospital even contracted with a staffing agency in case the nurses hit the picket line.


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In her condition of the State address this morning, Iowa Gov Kim Reynolds is asking lawmakers to consider increasing the state sales tax by 1 cent to fund increased spending on water quality, the environment, and mental health care programs. 

To offset the tax increase she's proposing an income tax cut of 10% and a property tax cut. 

She would also like to raise the limit for the childcare tax credit from 45 thousand to 90 thousand dollars, and she will ask for unique childcare ideas.

The Iowa Senate and House of Representatives gaveled in this morning.  Republican Pat Grassley of New Hartford is the new speaker of the house.

Tomorrow,  Republican Governor Kim Reynolds will deliver her third condition of the state address.

She’ll set out her agenda for the year and unveil her budget proposal. They’re expected to include workforce and rural Iowa initiatives, and restoring felon voting rights.

Listen for live coverage on Siouxland Public Media starting at 10 a.m.

OCTOBER 16, 2019
Siouxland Public Media

A candlelight vigil took place Wednesday night for nurses at MercyOne who are in the middle of a contract dispute with the hospital.  

Supporters fill the parking lot of the Sugar Shack Bakery located near MercyOne Hospital.

There’s a bit of dancing.

And, speeches by local politicians, including State Senator Jackie Smith.

“This is Sioux City, we have your backs.”

Here’s City Council Member Rhonda Capron.

“If you treat your employees right they going to bring it back to you and treat you right and that’s how it works.”

The national weather issued a freeze warning for tonight through tomorrow morning for parts of northwest Iowa and northeast Nebraska as temperatures are expected to dip into the 20s.

Woodbury County isn’t included in the warning.

Cultural Continuum 10-11-19

Oct 11, 2019

If you're hungry, you might try the Art Center, ARTilicious is tonight. Also there are a so many Fall Fest events we could only list a select few, and the Sanford Museum hosts a lecture on US/China/Iowa trade. 

Driving around Sioux City you might have noticed brightly colored signs supporting nurses at MercyOne in Sioux City. They’re in the middle of a contract dispute with the hospital.

Jennifer Beacom has been a nurse at Mercy for a dozen years.  She’s part of the negotiating committee for the UFCW local 222 

That’s the union representing the nurses at MercyOne.

Beacom shared the latest on the situation with Siouxland Public Media New’s Sheila Brummer on Tuesday night, including her thoughts on safety at the medical facility.

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In a couple of weeks, gamblers in Iowa can legally place bets on professional and college sporting events.

Tomorrow the  Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission is likely to approve rules for sports wagering and approve license applications made by 18 of Iowa’s 19 state-regulated casinos. One of them is the Sioux City Hard Rock Casino.  

Officials with the Iowa Medical Board says it’s rare for doctors to face disciplinary action like a Sioux City plastic surgeon faces.

Siouxland Public Media

Frank Lamere spent most of his adult life as an activist.  He lived in South Sioux City and worked as a member of the American Indian Movement in the 1970’s. 

LaMere was a leader in the Democratic party serving as a chairman of the National Native American Caucus and a delegate to the Democratic National Convention many times over. 

He recently received an honorary Doctorate from Nebraska Wesleyan University.  An honor that meant a lot to him.