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In her condition of the State address this morning, Iowa Gov Kim Reynolds is asking lawmakers to consider increasing the state sales tax by 1 cent to fund increased spending on water quality, the environment, and mental health care programs. 

To offset the tax increase she's proposing an income tax cut of 10% and a property tax cut. 

She would also like to raise the limit for the childcare tax credit from 45 thousand to 90 thousand dollars, and she will ask for unique childcare ideas.

050119 404

Iowa’s mental health regions have until next April to figure out how to fill the gaps in mental health services available to children. But they won’t get any additional funding to do it – at least not this year.

The mandate comes after Governor Kim Reynolds signed a new law today (Wednesday) laying out the first statewide children’s behavioral health system.

Reynolds says some of the services the law calls for are early diagnosis, therapy, and a family crisis hotline.