Mary Day

Mary Day is the guest but the topic is "The Voice of the Century" Marian Anderson

Coming up on this edition of The Exchange . . .. legislation at the statehouse has been moving fast, cutting budgets, cutting ties and possibly dismantling state workers collective bargaining system.  House and Senate Democrats are raising concerns about the bill. We’ll also take a look at the opposition to Republican efforts to standardize the minimum wage statewide.  Opponents say that could hurt workers in counties where the wage has already been raised.

SPM’s Gretchen Gondek speaks with volunteers Dr. Mary Day and Bobbi Segura from Iowa Women Lead Change about the 2nd annual IWLC conference taking place on Tuesday, February 16, at the Marina Inn.  IWLC is a non-profit organization striving to educate, inspire, and challenge women to be the leaders of today and tomorrow.