Flood Loans

Apr 9, 2019
Christian Holguin

Flooding has damaged large parts of Nebraska and Western parts of iowa. Small businesses are being affected and SBA is here to help those small businesses get back on there feet. Loans can be given out to small business as long as there credit are good enough. More in the Interview above.    

The Exchange, "Growing the Magic," and Marijuana in Iowa, 03.27.19

Mar 28, 2019

The Exchange 03.29.19


Coming up this week on The Exchange, a new documentary by Buena Vista University students tells the story of how Disney put Mickey Mouse in an Iowa cornfield  

Also, why the Iowa legislature’s move to expand medical marijuana has some law enforcement officers concerned. 

And we talk with a man that walked the length of the route of Keystone XL Pipeline, a trip that changed his views about the people who live in the Midwest.

That and more coming up on The Exchange, Wednesday at noon and Friday at nine a.m. on SPM.