Julie Schoenherr

JANUARY 2, 2020
Bob Scott

The start of the new year also brought a change to the Sioux City Council.  Siouxland Public Media’s Sheila Brummer reports.

On Thursday, January 2nd, 2020  a few city leaders took the oath of office at City Hall in downtown Sioux City.

Mayor Bob Scott was sworn in for a third consecutive term. 

Also, new to the council, the owner of SoHo Kitchen and Bar, Julie Schoenherr.

Schoenherr beat incumbent Rhonda Capron in November.

City of Sioux City/youtube.com

The Oath of Office took place this morning for Sioux City Mayor Bob Scott.

Scott won his third consecutive term against Maria Rundquist.  Scott also served as mayor in Sioux City in the 1990s.

New Council Member Julie Schoenherr was also sworn in this morning.  She beat incumbent Rhonda Capron in November’s election.  Capron served on the city council for eight years.   

Two Democratic candidates for president are in Siouxland today.

On The Exchange this week we talk with some of the candidates from this general election.  Mayor Bob Scott will talk about his re-election and Rhonda Capron says goodbye to the Sioux City Council after eight years of service.  SOHO restaurant and bar owner Julie Schoenherr bested Capron.  We will speak with Schoenherr as well.

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More voters than expected turned out in Sioux City yesterday for the general election.   

Mayor Bob Scott won another term in office.  He picked up almost 70% of the vote over Maria Rundquist.

“I’m happy we won and by the margin that we won obviously. I think it confirms people are somewhat happy with my performance.  I’m working really hard for the citizens and I’m going to continue that.” 

It was a tight race for the city council and school board.

Siouxland Public Media

Sioux City experienced a few close races on election day. 

Siouxland Public Media’s Sheila Brummer was there for the results.

A few dozen people and members of the media watched as results came down at the Woodbury County Courthouse on election night.

There are more than 57,000 registered voters in the county with races in 15 cities and 10 school districts.

Coming up on The Exchange, we hear from the two candidates for mayor and two candidates for the Sioux City Council, who spoke at a forum last Thursday. 

Also, we get an update on what Iowa Governor plans to do or not do about vaping in the state.  Also, we talk with a physician from the Mayo Clinic about the dangers of vaping.

And we speak with the host of the NPR program, The Hidden Brain,  Shankar Vedantam

The program marries science and storytelling.

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Leaders of Iowa farm commodity and biofuels groups are calling on President Trump to force the EPA to follow the deal on ethanol and biodiesel that Trump struck with the industry a dozen days ago.  The leaders held a news conference today in Des Moines. 

Iowa Corn Growers Association CEO Craig Floss warned thousands of farmers who invested in ethanol and biodiesel plants will go out of business if the EPA plan stands. 

Woodbury County Election Commissioner

The field is set for the Sioux City Council Election next month.  

The candidates getting the most votes are incumbent Rhonda Capron.  She received almost half of the votes in the primary with 2,173 or 49%.

The owner of SOHO Julie Schoenherr (shaner) came in second with 28% or 1,257 votes.  

If you add up the votes of the final three candidates they received less than 1,000 votes; Michael O’Conner and Rosario Perez Jr. with 7% each and Michael Bayala with 6%.

Siouxland Public Media

On Tuesday, October 8th voters will go to the polls in Sioux City to choose a candidate for Sioux City City Council.  Siouxland Public Media’s Sheila Brummer sat down with the local elected official in charge of the election.  Pat Gill is the Woodbury County Auditor and Commissioner of Elections.  He talked about the upcoming primary election and a decision by an Iowa judge surrounding the 2017 voting reform law.


Siouxland Public Media

On Wednesday, Siouxland Public Media took “The Exchange” on the road for a live candidate forum at the downtown public library.  All five candidates for Sioux City Council joined host Mary Hartnett. 

Appearing on the show incumbant Rhonda Capron, and challengers, Julie Schoenherr (shay-ner), Michael Bayala, Michael O'Connor and Rosario Perez, Jr. or “Rev”. 

After the forum we talked about some of the people who attended to find out their thoughts and impressions of the candidates.