Saving MLK

Jan 25, 2019
Michele Boykin

Marguerite Cordice married Dr. John Cordice in 1948. Ten years later, Dr. Cordice would save the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., an act for which he will be remembered. However, as an african-american surgeon, he broke barriers his entire life. Marguerite remembers their life together.

Clear as a friend's heart, 'twas, and seeming cool--

A crystal bowl whence skyey deeps looked up.

So might a god set down his drinking cup

Charged with a distillation of haut skies.

As famished horses, thrusting to the eyes

Parched muzzles, take a long-south water-hole,

Hugh plunged his head into the brimming bowl

as though to share the joy with every sense. 

And lo, the tang of that wide insolence 

Of sky and plain was acrid in the draught!

How ripplingly the lying water laughed!

Shot in the Dark Productions

SPM’s GG speaks with local theatre veterans Kristy Tremayne and John Mangan about Orphan Train at Shot in the Dark Productions, running through Monday, June 13th.  

Leslie Erickson

A few years ago, Leslie Erickson walked into the wilderness, and something changed. The change wasn't namable, and it wasn't complete, but it made itself known. Leslie returned again each summer to the wild. The sense of silence and the depth of night restored her, and when she returned to the city, to work, to the classrooms where she teaches, she noticed the brightness and the noise. She has decided to retire. The story she had long told of herself, Dr. Leslie Goss Erickson, was what had changed those few years ago. And now she is off to make that story complete.

Ode: Four little words

Mar 9, 2016
John Paul Engel
Ally Karsyn

What would you say if I told you four little words that could change your life?

 The Northwest Iowa Symphony Orhestra will round out their concert season this Saturday with a fun program called "Rhythm and Brass." FM90's Gretchen Gondek speaks with John Slegers, publicity chair for NISO, and Abigale Olson, a Dordt student and a violinist in the orchestra.


Mark Munger

  Jackson Pollock said about his large paintings that he wanted to be in them. Of Mural, Pollock wanted to insert more than himself. He said, it contained all the animals of the American West: cows and horses and antelopes and buffaloes. It is a a place where he had a “General notion of what [he was] about.” Standing before Mural, one questions what they are about, what the painting is about, what art is about. 

Gretchen plunges the coffee
Mark Munger



Jolie Corder E.D. of  NPI (New Perspectives Inc.) joins Gretchen and John Donovan (Jumpy Monkey Coffee) to talk up their new partnership.