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Iran has vowed “harsh retaliation” for a U.S. airstrike near Baghdad's airport that killed its top general.

Iowa Senator Joni Ernst, a retired member of the Iowa National Guard wrote on Twitter “she applauded the work of U.S. military personnel in carrying out the mission, America, and our world is safer”.

With a month on go before the Iowa caucuses, Democratic candidate Tom Steyer visits northwest Iowa.

The field is set for the Sioux City Council Election next month.

The candidates getting the most votes are Rhonda Capron and Julie Sc hoenherr (Shane-er).  

Capron, who is the incumbent, received almost half of the votes in the primary with 2,173 or 49%.

Schoenherr, the owner of SOHO on Historic 4th Street, came in second with 28% or 1,257 votes.

If you add up the votes of the final three candidates they received less than 1,000 votes; Michael O’Conner and Rosario Perez Jr. with 7% each and Michael Bayala with 6%.

Another Iowa Democrat has entered the primary race to unseat Republican U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst.  

“Iowans need a senator who will go against the grain in Washington and do what is right for Iowans.”

Mike Franken said in an introductory video Monday that he's "not afraid to stand up for the proud progressive principles that Iowa Democrats share."

Franken retired from the U.S. Navy as a three-star admiral in October 2017.

His career included ship commands and years in senior policymaking, strategy, and planning roles for the Defense Department.

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Jul 30, 2019

Sports gambling in Iowa now has an official start date. The state Racing and Gaming Commission has given 18 casinos the initial go-ahead to start taking bets at Noon on August 15th,  although some may start at a later date.

However, the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is not on that list.  Officials with the Hard Rock says they plan to be on the agenda next month because they haven’t worked out all of the details with a partnership agreement with their sports book.


Iowa’s Junior U.S. Senator is emphasizing the need to care for migrants coming to the U.S., even as she reiterates her desire to secure the southern border.

Republican Senator Joni Ernst recently returned from a trip to the Texas-Mexico border.

Senator Ernst visited a few facilities at the border, including a port of entry facility and a shelter for children. She’s advocating for a permanent solution to what she calls a “humanitarian crisis” at the border.

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Missouri River flooding in 2011 prompted senators from the states along its banks to form a working group on how to reduce the likelihood of such disasters.

In the wake of yet another catastrophic flood, Sen. Joni Ernst is looking to get the band back together.

The Iowa Republican has specifically called on lawmakers to review how the Army Corps of Engineers protects the safety and property of those who live along the river.

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Mar 26, 2019

The Iowa Senate has passed a bill to ban traffic cameras for the third year in a row. Supporters of banning traffic cameras say they violate due process rights and are a money-making scheme for local governments.

Senator Brad Zaun of Urbandale, the self-described “poster boy” on this topic, says it’s the right thing to do.

0326zaun1  :12   “I want to make it very clear: our traffic laws are there for a reason. They need to be obeyed. But I have to stand up when our citizens are being taken advantage by these gotcha cams.”

The Exchange 01/23/19


Coming up this week on The Exchange, Iowa Senator Joni Ernst says Senate Republicans are working on a compromise bill to end the partial govt. shutdown.


Also, how the shut down could soon affect supplemental food benefits like SNAP, 

and Iowa’s Supreme Court Chief Justice says citizens should be able to deal with minor legal issues online.  :That and more coming up on The Exchange, Wednesday at noon and Friday at 9:00 a.m. on SPR.




Iowa Republican Senator Joni Ernst is re-introducing a

bill that would allow individuals to buy contraceptive pills


Siouxland Public Media’s Mary Hartnett has this report.



Joni Ernst is co-sponsoring a bill that would allow women to pick

Up birth control pills when they need them at their local pharmacy. 

A companion bill has been introduced in the House.

The legislation also repeals the Affordable Care Act’s restriction on the

Senator Joni Ernst

Dec 9, 2016

Iowa Republican Senator Joni

 Ernst has co-sponsored a bill that speeds up approval for new drug treatments and bolster mental health resources.  Siouxland Public Media’s Mary Hartnett has this report.