Hurricane Maria

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Congress is trying to get a 17-billion-dollar disaster aid bill to the president’s desk before the Memorial Day recess. But Iowa Republican Sen. Joni Ernst says the Senate isn’t interested in the version of the aid bill the House passed. She says it’s full of partisan antics. 

Disagreement remains over how much money will go to the U.S.-Mexico border but Congressional leaders say a deal has been reached on aid for Puerto Rico. Iowans recovering from flooding would also benefit. 

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The Trump Administration has announced another round of payments for farmers, to compensate for lower commodity prices amid trade tensions with China. IOWA Agriculture Secretary Mike Naig said it’s needed, because corn and soybean prices are below the cost of producing a crop.

The first set of payments are scheduled to be made in late July or early August, but the final calculations aren’t set. The payments to individual farmers will be based on the impact trade has had on corn and soybean prices in their county. 

The Exchange 05.22.19

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The House last week passed a $19 billion disaster aid bill that would deliver long-sought relief to farmers, victims of hurricanes and floods, and rebuild southern military bases, as Democrats try to dislodge the legislation from a Senate logjam over aid to hurricane-slammed Puerto Rico.

Today we hear about some efforts by the federal government, the air national Guard and a local solar power vendor to help those devastated in Puerto Rico in the aftermath of a hurricane in 2017.  

May 2011
Rossyveth Rey-Berrios

Woodbury County was declared a Federal Disaster Area after flooding in March.  FEMA showed up in the aftermath to assist with homeowners and businesses.  One person in the forefront of that effort shared her story with Siouxland Public Media’s Sheila Brummer.

Flooding dominated the news headlines in Siouxland this year. 

“Federal officials are setting up shop in town to provide help those in need.”

FEMA, along with spokesperson Rossyveth Rey-Berrios, arrived on the scene.   

Puerto Rico: Long live Mami and mango tree

Oct 18, 2017

It’s been nearly a month since Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico. There’s limited water, food, fuel, cell phone service and Internet access. Restoring power is expected to take months.