Hank Zimmerman

Welcome. Sit. Stay. Coco Puff.

Feb 26, 2016
Hank Zimmerman

Along with eleven other dogs that were recently brought to the Siouxland Humane Society, Coco Puff is a rescue dog whose owner became ill, allowing them to make the journey to the shelter to find new homes.

Support for Welcome. Sit. Stay. comes from Priscilla E. Forsyth, Attorney at Law, located in Sioux City and providing criminal defense and immigration law services to the Siouxland community.

Steve Smith: Waxed

Feb 10, 2016
Hank Zimmerman




Little Person, Big Trucks

Jan 20, 2015

Recently, I was given the responsibility to produce my first radio program for FM90 -- a huge honor. After a week or so of constant searching for a story to report, one fell right into my lap. Monster trucks were coming to Siouxland, and just as the radio station had done last year, they wanted to send someone to cover the event. Lucky me.

I was a like a fish out of water. The world of monster truck racing is not a world I have ever delved into in my personal life. But, I was eager to learn about something new.