The Iowa National Guard is ready to help with recovery from Hurricane Dorian in Florida once it becomes clear what kind of response is needed.

Major General Ben Corell was recently appointed as commander of the Iowa National Guard.  Speaking on IPR’s River to River, Corell said he’s been in touch with guard leaders coordinating the response and is waiting to see how the storm develops. 

We need to see what the damage is from this incident, what the needs are, who can supply what.

Library of Congress's Prints and Photographs division

Those in the know were not particularly surprised to see Kaitlin Bennett come on campus around graduation dolled up as she was--her mortar board darlingly decorated with a dare, and her brother's assault rifle, with scope, slung over her shoulder. News stories claim that she was an outspoken 2nd Amendment advocate during her tenure as a student and that she wasn't at all shy about shooting off her mouth about guns.   

Reps. Jim Carlin and Tim Kacena and Sen. David Johnson join us for a roundtable roundup of the 2017 Iowa state legislative session.