Grace Claeys

Cultural Continuum 2-01-19

Feb 1, 2019

Shelby Pierce joins Steve on this February 1st, Cultural Continuum. Lots of Jazz, a Conservatory recital at Vangarde, the Empty Bowls moves into the Sioux City Convention Center.

The TRIPLE GOOD Music Show - 10.20.17 (PROMO)

Oct 19, 2017
Bertha Iniguez

THIS WEEK, The Triple Good Music Show goes LIVE. Founder, producer, and host, Bertha Iñiguez, will be chillin' at the studio, putting on tracks from The Ruralists, Titans of Industry, Ultra Violet Fever, Winter Wayfarer, and Port Nocturnal​. Call in, and request your favorites! :)

Check them all out on Facebook... and tune in, Fridays at 10pm. Only on Siouxland Public Media!

Port Nocturnal - 2017 Saturday in the Park Main Stage

Jun 30, 2017

Having lived together in a "powerless band house" for several months, piece by piece, Port Nocturnal was formed. Using inspiration from a variety of genres, the band describes their sound as a postmodern Midwestern Desert Rock, with elements of Blues, Psychedelic, Progressive/Art Rock and Jazz improv. Their debut album even features the band's drummer, Grace Claeys, playing the keys for "Good Behavior" and "Rose Coloured Glasses".