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4th district Republican Congressman Steve King has made it clear he’ll vote against impeaching President Trump this week, but the three Democrats from Iowa who serve in the U.S. House have not announced how they’ll vote.  About two dozen people gathered at the Iowa Republican Party headquarters this weekend to show their support of the president, according to Radio Iowa.

 The Sioux City Police Department is investigating a homicide from over the weekend.

A Sioux City man died in a shooting near the city's downtown on Saturday night.

Detectives say 42-year-old Chad A. Thomas was killed after being shot serval times.

Someone discovered Thomas lying unconscious on a sidewalk.

Winter weather turned deadly on the roads in Nebraska yesterday.

Two people died in a multi-vehicle crash on I-80 during snowy conditions near Ashland, outside of Omaha.     

Three others went to the hospital in critical condition.

Custer's Gold Rush

Sep 12, 2017
Humboldt State University

There was no good reason for General George Armstrong Custer to ride into the Black Hills in 1874, nefarious reasons abound, however, including Washington’s determination to set yet another fort out there to make sure untoward things didn’t happen to that multitude of white folks on their way west.