Gavins Point Dam

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The state Department of Public Health has requested Iowans returning from several countries where the novel coronavirus is spreading to self-isolate for 14 days.

The department issued the request Tuesday that those returning from China, Hong Kong, Iran, Italy, Japan, and South Korea voluntarily stay home and monitor for COVID 19 symptoms.

Caitlin Pedati is the state medical director.

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The future home of Lamb Arts Regional Theatre is now a local landmark.

The Sioux City Council approved the designation. 

Lamb is working to raise more than $11 million to restore the old city auditorium across from the Woodbury County Courthouse. 

The designation, approved yesterday, now allows the building to be eligible for historic preservation tax credits from the state.

The Woodbury County Board of Supervisors meeting has been canceled for today.  

That’s because there aren’t enough supervisors to hold a quorum of members.

The amount of water being released into the Missouri River from Gavins Point Dam will be increased again to free up more space in the reservoirs upstream before spring.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said Tuesday that the amount of water flowing out of Gavins Point on the Nebraska-South Dakota border will be increased later this week. The current releases from Gavins Point dam are more than double what is typical for this time of year.

The Corps is working to clear out as much space as possible in the reservoirs ahead of what is expected to be another wet year.

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After months of running high within its banks through Sioux City, the Missouri River has begun to recede and will continue to do so.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers began reducing releases from Gavins Point Dam to the winter release rate on Sunday. Releases as of Wednesday were at 57,000 cubic feet per second and will be reduced 3,000 cfs per day until they reach 27,000 cfs. Releases will remain at that rate through December before being dropped to 25,000 cfs in January for the remainder of the winter.

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Students from Dennison are calling for an outside investigation into diversity and racism in their school. Denison Community Schools is looking into a high school teacher’s use of a racial slur in class discussions. 

A group of students walked out of their classes this morning and stood near the school’s driveway. Some held up signs denouncing racism. Senior Joel Bonilla was in one of the classes where teacher Crystal Holt recently said the “n” word.  He says Denison is a very diverse community and the use of the word is unacceptable.  

Three teenagers from Sioux City are being held at Fresno County Jail in California on a bond of $1 million each.

They’re charged with the death of a California man authorities say they planned to rob after communicating with one of the teens online.

Investigators say the victim gave the group a ride when Isaac Helms of Sioux City shot Tyrel Truss on Thursday.

The two other teens from Sioux City arrested are Precious Green and Hannah Haywood.  A 20-year-0ld man from California was also connection with the crime.

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Heavy rain has caused Flooding in southeastern South Dakota and closed schools for a second day today.  There were also some who had to evacuate their homes. 

Mitchell, Dell Rapids, and Madison received more than 7 inches of rain over two days

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers says it will briefly reduce water releases from Gavins Point Dam this weekend, then increase them later next week. The goal is to evacuate record-setting rainfall that has fallen this month across much of the upper Missouri River basin.

It’s been found that District Judge Tod Deck had no conflict of interest while presiding over Tran Walker's double-murder trial.   Walker's case will proceed to sentence, scheduled for Sept. 20 in Woodbury County District Court, according to the Sioux City Journal.  Walker was convicted for killing two companions.

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Despite earlier predictions of dry weather, rain and hail could threaten Sioux City-area Fourth of July celebrations tomorrow. 

The National Weather Service in Sioux Falls says strong winds and hail are possible tomorrow night with thunderstorms possible in the afternoon. The Sioux City area could be in a "pattern" of thunderstorms over the next several days. 

The amount of water flowing into the lower Missouri River will remain high throughout the summer and fall, and that water will likely continue to exacerbate flooding downstream.

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The amount of water flowing into the lower Missouri River will remain high throughout the summer and fall, and that water will likely continue to exacerbate flooding downstream.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers says it plans to keep releases from Gavins Point Dam on the Nebraska-South Dakota border near current levels — which are more than double the average amount.

The high releases will likely continue worsening flooding downstream — in Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, and Kansas — where many levees were damaged during severe March flooding.