Former Iowa Governor Terry Branstad (R)

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The Sioux City Council is expected to vote today to vote on an ordinance that would amend water rates for South Sioux City and Dakota Dunes.

According to the Sioux City Journal, the City of Sioux City entered into agreements for water service with South Sioux City and Dakota Dunes in 2002. The agreement with Dakota Dunes was amended in 2004.

The 2020 rates for South Sioux City will decrease by 7.3 percent, while Dakota Dunes' rates will decrease by 4.8 percent. The minimum monthly charge is set at $1,000 per community. 

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Fleet Farm has been named the new arena partner with the Tyson Events Center. A multiyear partnership agreement will mean the Gordon Drive facility will now be called the Tyson Events Center/Fleet Farm Arena.

Tyson event center general manager Tim Savana said today that this new partnership complements the event center naming rights with Tyson, replacing Gateway as the arena name.  Savana works for Spectra, the providers of Venue Management, Food Services & Hospitality and Partnerships for the facility.

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It looks like the dispute over ethanol waivers will go one a little longer than expected. Governor Kim Reynolds says due to the natural disaster caused by hurricane Dorian, the Trump Administration’s announcement about ethanol has been delayed.

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A man who burned four children’s books from the Orange City Library last year was found guilty of criminal mischief today Sioux County District Court.  Paul Dorr was fined $65-dollars plus a 35 percent surcharge and court costs. 

Last October,  Dorr recorded himself on video publicly burning four children’s library books that have lesbian, gay and bisexual themes --- mostly in protest to a pride festival happening in Orange City. In a written statement, Dorr said he burned the books to exercise his freedom of speech and faith. 

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An Ocheyedan man who burned four L-G-B-T-Q themed children’s library books last year has been ordered to pay a fine for his criminal mischief charge.  Paul Dorr was sentenced in Sioux County District Court today (Tuesday). He was ordered to pay $65-dollars plus a 35 percent surcharge and court fees. The fine is the minimum amount for his charge. In October, Dorr recorded himself on video burning four children’s library books with lesbian, gay and bisexual themes. It was mostly in protest to a pride festival happening in Orange City. 

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Democratic leaders in the Iowa Legislature called today for government oversight hearings on the reasons for the resignation of former Iowa DHS Director Jerry Foxhoven.   Gov. Kim Reynolds refuses to discuss her reasons for asking him to resign. Sen. Tony Bisignano said a 2017 state law requires the reason for demanding a state employee's resignation to be made public. Reynolds has declined to explain why Foxhoven was asked to resign last month. 

Foxhoven, who managed the state's largest agency that oversees the $5 billion Medicaid program, declined to comment.

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The Iowa Department of Human Services will pay an additional $386 million to two insurance companies that will provide Medicaid services for the 2020 fiscal year. DHS says the rates include changes made by the Iowa Legislature, which account for about 2 percent of the increase. Last year the agency approved a $344 million increase over the previous year.

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Former Iowa Governor Terry Branstad was questioned on the witness stand in a crowded Polk County courtroom today (Friday). Branstad was asked why he called for Workers’ Compensation Commissioner Chris Godfrey to resign after taking office in 2011.

Godfrey claims it was because he is gay, but Branstad disputed that saying he supports advances in gay rights. Godfrey’s attorney, Paige Fiedler (FID-ler), asked Branstad about his actions as governor.

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A northwest Iowa city discharging untreated wastewater into the Little Sioux River has contracted with a manure hauler to stop the releases. 

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources says the hauler is pumping wastewater from the city of Quimby’s lift station into a tanker and transporting it across the river into the city’s lagoon.

State environmental officials estimate at least 15,000 gallons of untreated wastewater was going into the river each day from a city sewer line break.

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USDA forecasters say Iowa may have cooler-than-normal temperatures and much less rainfall throughout June. But, that’s not necessarily good for farmers.

Meteorologist Dennis Todey, director of the USDA’s Midwest Climate Hub in Ames, says the rainy spell we’ve been enduring for months is over. Todey says much of the month ahead will be cooler than usual and may not bring Iowa’s acres of corn and soybeans the warmth they need to mature.