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Dec 27, 2019


A winter storm may impact a portion of the Siouxland area as we move into the upcoming weekend. The National Weather Service says because of high levels of uncertainty people should check the forecast often if traveling.

Sioux City could see up to 6 inches of snow Sunday night. Vermillion, South Dakota up to 8 inches, Yankton, South Dakota up to a foot, and O’Neill, Nebraska up to 18 inches.

State officials have referred to Iowa prosecutors the names of nine people suspected of voting twice in the November election last year.

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It's 1944. Otto Steinke is too old to be drafted, his son just a few months too young. Besides, both are needed because the Allied cause requires mountains of food, food the Steinkes can produce on their Iowa farm. Not everyone can be a soldier, even some who really, really want to be. 

The lethal injection protocol that was used in 2018 to execute a Nebraska prisoner survived a legal challenge Friday from death penalty opponents who had hoped to overturn it to prevent the state from carrying out capital punishment.

The Nebraska Supreme Court sided with state officials who adopted the new protocol in 2017 to allow the state to resume executions.

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In the Bible, when Job’s friends handed out their opinions of his suffering, they had his health in mind; but none of them, nor their arguments, could satisfy the emptiness in his soul. He'd lost his family, his land, his enterprise, even his health in a tsunami of bad times. Job likely numbered his days as "the worst hard times,"  the title of Timothy Egan's masterful portrayal of an American time and a place we've commonly become to describe as "the Dust Bowl."

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When white settlers moved into northwest Iowa in the late 19th century, they squared the landscape with mud roads that make the flat land a grid. Of 23 townships of Sioux County, 19 are cut out into perfect squares.

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Dismal weather conditions with heavy rain and cooler days prevented many Siouxland farmers from finishing their planting this season. 

Siouxland Public Media reports it’s a critical time for producers to get into the fields.

“It’s 22.5 acres and about 5 areas under water.”

Mark Held stands by his farmland two miles south of Hinton, along Highway 75 in Plymouth County, Iowa.

You can’t miss it.  Instead of dry land it looks like water-front property. 

“We have one field south of Hinton here.  We call it the pond.” 

Food For Thought - Winnebago Health Initiatives

May 31, 2019

Ho Chunk Farms Ag Business Manager, Aaron LaPointe and Brian Mathers, Executive Director of the Ho Chunk Community Development Corporation stop by to talk to Adrian about some exciting developments taking place just a few miles from Sioux City in Winnebago, including a huge new farmer's market, organic farming and much more.

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Tariffs have been making it difficult for farmers to pay off loans. To learn more about how higher tariffs are affecting farms, we spoke with Allen Featherstone. 

Allen Featherstone is the head of Department of Agricultural Economics at Kansas State University. He says for over a year the farm economy has been struggling. Some of the struggles include increase in collateral, negative incomes, and the buildup of farm incomes over the years. 

Divided by Water

Jun 15, 2016





Ambi               Walking through grass (Becca: Let’s head that way. Follow the yellow grass.)