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Iowa’s Democratic presidential precinct caucuses are more complex than they were four years ago. 

As usual, instead of just casting a ballot, participants gather in a room and show their support by standing in groups. And the winner isn’t decided by votes, but by state delegate equivalents.

Christian Holguin

   Association for Career and Technical Education visited Western Iowa Tech and learned about four of its career and technical programs that are in high need areas of the economy. In the audio above there is an interview with Jarrod Nagurka Affairs Manager for the national Association for Career and Technical Education group. Learn more in the audio Above.

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The retaliatory Chinese tariffs on soybeans and corn are still causing a lot of financial trouble to farmers, some of whom are being forced to default on their loans, but low commodity prices are also causing problems for farmers.  Also, after nearly a year of threats of closure, the University of Iowa Labor Center has a bright future ahead. And, on this Ash Wednesday, we talk with Morningside Professor Emeritus Bruce Forbes about the traditions of Lent.

That and more coming up on The Exchange.

Helicopter Parents

Feb 28, 2019
Christian Holguin

University Economics Professor Mathias Doepke talking about his new book, “Love, Money, and Parenting: How Economics Explains the Way We Raise Our Kids,”. while also explaining how helicopter parents are not such a bad way of parenting. 

Wessels Living History Farm

Even though I must have been through the place a thousand times, I didn't even know it was a place--James, Iowa, just up the road from Leeds. From up above on Google Earth, James, looks more like a camp ground than a suburb; but right there on highway 75, it sits peacefully alongside the meandering Floyd, far southern Plymouth County. 

Truth is, this story has little to do with James, Iowa. The town merits mention only as a setting, as in, "this whole business went down right here in James, Iowa." Nobody in James had a thing to do with it.