Don't remember where I heard it, but the conversation wasn't directed at me.  I must have been sitting somewhere among a whole group of people when I overheard a mom telling someone else about her boy, how he was really into his own music, how he was in three or four bands and had already produced his own CDs, how he was going to make music his career, wanted to be a singer/songwriter.

Sure, I thought. He and a half million others. Maybe more.

"That's all he lives for these days," she was saying, or something to that effect. She was proud of him, and I was cynical.

With spring in full swing here in Siouxland, baseball has exploded across our television screens. Big name ball players are once again blasting home runs and up-and-coming rookies are working to make a name for themselves. Where Nobody Knows Your Name introduces us to nine men who are trying to fulfill their dream of making it to the major leagues, as either a player, manager, or even an umpire. The 2012 baseball season serves as the setting as these men toil in the International League, a triple A league that is just below the majors.

Ode: Ally Karsyn Travels Alone

Jul 29, 2016
Ally Karsyn
Jordan Edens Photography

Going out to the airport, a man with a tennis racket sticking out of his suitcase takes a seat across from me on the train. Before long, he becomes one of the many people who asked me before, during and after my trip – do you know someone in Portland? Friends? Family?

I tell him what I told everyone else, “No, I went because I wanted to go.”

He calls me brave and admits he’s jealous because he could never travel alone like me and go somewhere without knowing a soul. I think nothing of it, and in that moment on the train, I forget to ask him, “What’s stopping you?”

Human Fest is Human

Aug 14, 2015


  Human Fest 3 is at Pipe Dreams this weekend. Matt and Libby Church are the organizers and visionaries behind this nexus of music and ideas. They joined Mark Munger.