Dakota Access Pipeline

Caafimaadka Degmada Siouxland waxay soo weriyeen dhowr iyo toban kiis oo cusub oo ah cudurka 'coronavirus' ee kuyaala Woodbury County wadar ahaan 3,245. Guud ahaan gobolka waxaa ku dhintay 44 qof oo dhintay

Gobolka Iowa sidoo kale ma soo sheegin wax dhimasha cusub ah iyo sidoo kale in kabadan 400 oo baaritaano caafimaad oo cusub ah 24 saac gudahood. Waxaa jiray 721 qof Iowa kuwaas oo u dhintey dhibaatooyin la xiriira COVID-19 oo in ka badan kalabar ay ku nool yihiin xarumaha daryeelka muddada-dheer.

Y Tế huyện Siouxland báo cáo hàng chục trường hợp nhiễm bệnh mới về vi khuẩn corona ở quận Woodbury với tổng số 3,245. Đã có tổng cộng 44 người trong quận đã chết.

Bang Iowa cũng báo cáo không có trường hợp tử vong mới nào và hơn 400 xét nghiệm dương tính mới trong khoảng thời gian 24 giờ. Đã có 721 người dân Iowa đã chết vì biến chứng của Covid-19 với hơn một nửa sống trong các cơ sở chăm sóc dài hạn.

Manni fayyaa Sioux land namni baayen dabalataan magaala Woodbury County keessati corona virus qabamuu gabaasan, waliigalatti namni qabame 3,245 gaheera. County keessati namni waliigalatti du’e 44 gaheera.

Kutaan Iowas akka duuti haarawa hin jirre gabaaste, namni haarawa qabame se’atii 24 keessati nama 400 ol dha. Sababa Covid-19 namni Iowa keessati du’e nama 721 gaheera, namni qixeen isaa namota Long-term facilities keessa jiraataniidha.

የሶዮላንድ አውራጃ ጤና በWoodbury ካውንቲ ውስጥ በድምሩ 3,245 የሚሆኑ ኮሮቫቫይረስ ጉዳዮችን ሪፖርት አድርጓል ፡፡ በካውንቲው በአጠቃላይ 44 ሰዎች ሞተዋል.

የአዮዋ መንግስትም እንዲሁ በ 24 ሰዓታት ውስጥ ምንም ዓይነት አዲስ ሞት yelam እና ከ 400 በላይ አዳዲስ texaqi honewal ፡፡ በአዮዋ ውስጥ ከ 721ሰዎች yemotut መካከል ከግማሽ በላይ የሚሆኑት የረጅም ጊዜ እንክብካቤ ተቋማት ውስጥ የሚኖሩ በመሆናቸው ምክንያት የሞቱት ሰዎች ነበሩ ፡፡

በኔባራስካ ከ 19,900 የሚበልጡ አዎንታዊ ጉዳዮች አሉ እንዲሁም በአከባቢው የጤና ባለሥልጣናት አራት አዳዲስ የተረጋገጡ ጉዳዮችን ባሳለፍነው ሰኞ በድምሩ 1,793 የሚሆኑት ዳኮ ካውንቲ ውስጥ ከ 37 ሰዎች ጋር 284 ሰዎች ሞተዋል ፡፡

Distrito de Salud de Siouxland informa una docena de casos nuevos del coronavirus en el condado de Woodbury con un total de 3,245. Ha habido un total de 44 personas en el condado que han muerto.

El estado de Iowa tampoco informó nuevas muertes y más de 400 nuevas pruebas positivas durante un período de 24 horas. Ha habido 721 personas en Iowa que han muerto por complicaciones de COVID-19 y más de la mitad viven en centros de atención a largo plazo.



Siouxland District Health reports a dozen new cases of the novel coronavirus in Woodbury County for a total of 3,245.  There have been 44 people in the county who have died.  Other northwest Iowa counties reporting deaths are Buena Vista County with 11, Plymouth - 5, Dickinson – 3 and one death in O’Brien, Cherokee and Pocahontas Counties.

The State of Iowa  also reported no new deaths as well and more than 400 new positive tests during a 24 hours period.  There have been 721 people in Iowa who have died from complications of COVID-19.

Woodbury County Jail

A LeMars, Iowa man faces charges of OWI and Vehicular Homicide.   

Thirty-seven year-old Darrick Toel is in the Woodbury County Jail on a $50,000 bond.

The one-vehicle crash on July 1st along Old Lakeport Road killed his cousin Ryan Toel.

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe filed a motion Wednesday to intervene on a proposed expansion of the Dakota Access pipeline that would double the line's capacity.

North Dakota regulators have set a public hearing for November 13th on the proposed expansion.

A  religious activist accused of burning four LGBTQ children's books that he checked out of the Orange City Public Library has been convicted of criminal mischief and fined.

Sioux County Attorney Thomas Kunstle says Paul Robert Dorr, of Ocheyedan, was found guilty of the misdemeanor today and ordered to pay $125 in fines and court costs.

Dorr posted a video to Facebook in October in which he denounced the Orange City library for having the books and threw them into a burning barrel.

072619 432

The execution date for a notorious Iowa drug kingpin who killed witnesses and children in 1993 has been scheduled for Jan. 15. Formerly of Britt, Iowa,  Dustin Honken was convicted for the murders of five people, including a mother and her two young daughters.  Honken is among five federal death row inmates whose execution dates were announced yesterday by the Justice Department. His trial was held in Sioux City.  The announcement came as Attorney General Bill Barr directed federal capital punishment to resume for the first time in nearly two decades.

072619 432

The Sioux City Zenith plant closed more than 40 years ago, but a New York filmmaker is bringing it back to life. Jay Shapiro has been in Sioux City this week talking with former employees and their families for a new documentary.  He has also been meeting with George Lindblade, who produced a documentary about the struggle to keep the Zenith plant open.  

053119 504

Ten members of Sioux City’s Urban Search and Rescue team were deployed to southwest Iowa early this morning, according to Radio Iowa.

The crew took its rescue equipment and an amphibious vehicle. Captain Ryan Collins of Sioux City Fire Rescue says the team will help FEMA make damage assessments in the Sidney area.

The unit was activated by Iowa Homeland Security. The National Weather Service warns flooding will continue in southwest Iowa along the Missouri River for several more weeks.

053119 432 

The Iowa Supreme Court has affirmed a state regulator’s 2016 decision to allow the Dakota Access Pipeline to be built diagonally across the state. ‘Court also upheld the use of eminent domain to make way for the pipeline against the objections of landowners. 

Landowners and the Sierra Club sued the pipeline and the Iowa Utilities Board because they said the pipeline doesn’t meet the legal standard of “public convenience and necessity” and presents serious environmental risks. 

053119 404

Authorities in Sioux City keeping a close watch on rising water levels.

The Iowa DOT has closed a portion of Hamilton Boulevard at Interstate 29, and the southbound on-ramp and off-ramp to I 29.

The Sioux City Public Boat Ramp is closed and access to Chris Larson Park from Hamilton Boulevard has been impacted.

Also, there are portions of I- 29 still closed in western Iowa, one mile south of Missouri Valley to the south of Omaha.  And from Pacific Junction all the way to the Missouri border. There are several flood warnings in the region.  

Dakota Access Pipeline informational meeting
Ally Karsyn


In a darkened lamp-lit yoga studio, Caroline Rivera picks her way through a dozen people sprawled out on the floor in a supported corpse pose. They place foam blocks under their shoulder blades and breathe.

She’s teaching a donation-based class at Evolve Yoga in downtown Sioux City to stand in solidarity with the opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline Project. 

Sioux City Pipeline Protest

Nov 15, 2016
By NittyG - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=52776844

Large numbers of protesters continue to gather in North Dakota to oppose the Dakota Access pipeline. However, today in Downton Sioux City, a small group of protestors urged passersby to think twice about the 3.8 billion dollar project.  Siouxland Public Media Mary Hartnett has this report