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Today, I’m recommending Nothing to See Here by Kevin Wilson-- a funny and offbeat novel about “family”.  If you’ve read either of Kevin Wilson’s previous novels (The Family Fang or Perfect Little World) you might know to expect this author to craft an everyday family drama and then introduce one strange element to make us see the story in a completely different way. 


For 130 years, Arnolds Park Amusement Park serves up a summer of fun.   

From the historic wooden roller coaster called “The Legend,” to the log ride and midway games.

“I have my three grandkids with me and my daughter.”

Joan Negen visits with her family from Windom, Minnesota. 

“They have the rides for the kids close by and benches to sit on!” 

Grandma needs a spot to occasionally rest as she keeps up with a lively group.

REPORTER: “And, they enjoy this don’t they?” 

Yep, yep they do.” 

050119 504

Governor Kim Reynolds signed a bill today that creates a children’s mental health system in Iowa.

Reynolds said that today marks a major milestone for mental health in our state. Reynolds spoke to a large crowd in the statehouse rotunda moments before she signed the bill into law.

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Iowa’s mental health regions have until next April to figure out how to fill the gaps in mental health services available to children. But they won’t get any additional funding to do it – at least not this year.

The mandate comes after Governor Kim Reynolds signed a new law today (Wednesday) laying out the first statewide children’s behavioral health system.

Reynolds says some of the services the law calls for are early diagnosis, therapy, and a family crisis hotline.

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PX Here

“Maria” is a story based on the true experiences of a young Mexican mother living in Northwest Iowa. It describes the hardships that forced Maria to leave her family, and the daily struggles she endures. Julie Blythe, the story’s author, frames Maria’s own journal entries within a stirring and heart-wrenching narrative. We present adapted excerpts of Maria’s journal entries.


Rent A Chick Program

Apr 12, 2017

As Easter approaches, a lot of parents are faced with children who want a baby chick.  But what to do when the chick becomes a full grown bird?  An Omaha farm has come up with a solution.  Siouxland Public Media’s Mary Hartnett has details.

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Jeanne Reynal


A January thaw is what all of us look forward to right now, a breath of warmth that reopens our hope that someday soon April will return. Two cold-of-winter days, maybe three, of forty degrees. No wind.

Heaven comes to Siouxland.

That’s the relief people felt early on January 12, 1888, when most of those who’d put down homesteads had just arrived.

Here’s how David Laskin describes that morning:

Ode: Joanne Fox Loses Her Cubs

Jun 29, 2016

"Wherever you go, there you are” is an inescapable truth for my third son.

For me, a better maxim might be, “What you don’t know, can’t hurt you.”

Because he was always on the go, we often thought Eric was part gypsy.

Well, except for his coloring.

When he was born, Eric resembled an albino with bright, blue eyes and white-blonde hair. I even nicknamed him “Bino Baby.” What a difference he was from the brown hair, brown eyes of myself and his two older brothers, only sharing my husband Dean’s dark blonde hair and blue eyes.