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During this first week of class for students in the Sioux City Community School District, two staff members tested positive for the novel coronavirus.  That’s according to school officials who say Siouxland District Health did contact tracing and everyone impacted has been directed to self-isolate or self-quarantine.  The district plans to provide the public with positive test updates each Friday and will not disclose specific schools with cases of COVID-19.

Iowa has set a new record for confirmed coronavirus cases with more than 1,500 cases.  That’s hundreds more than the previous high set in April.

During a 24-hour period, there were also 18 more deaths.  The current total is 1,081.

Coming up on The Exchange today we talk with the winner of the special election to fill the seat once occupied by Republican Jeremy Taylor.  Taylor resigned in January when it was shown that his primary residence was not located in his district.  Republican Justin Wright defeated Democratic State representative Tim Kacena to serve out the remaining 18 months of Taylor's term. 

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Iowa and Woodbury County saw some fairly large upticks in COVID-19 cases today.  Woodbury County has 17 new COVID-19 cases, with a total of 3,112 and 43 deaths.  Iowa has nearly 500 new cases and 701 deaths.  

At a news conference his afternoon, Kevin Greime director Siouxland District Health, said he was disappointed with those numbers, and the reluctance of some people to wear face masks.

  Coming up on The Exchange . . .

We talk with Sioux City Community Schools Superintendent Paul Gausman about the liklihood of online commencements for graduation seniors at Sioux City's three high schools because of COVID-19, and how the district is trying to prepare students to come back to the classroom in the fall. 

We hear from local business owners who are trying to keep the doors open despite the general shutdown caused by the coronavirus.  Some applied for federal stimulus money and are still waiting to hear about their status.

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April 22nd is Earth Day, a time to demonstrate support for protecting our planet. 

Siouxland Public Media’s Sheila Brummer shares a conversation with Carrie Radloff, the chair of the Northwest Iowa Group Sierra Club.

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Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds said recent reports of respiratory illnesses caused by e-cigarettes are alarming, and she said the state is looking at what it can do in response.

Taking questions from reporters at a news conference on Wednesday, Reynolds said she's working with the Iowa Department of Public Health to continue collecting data on the illnesses.

Twenty-three cases (and no deaths) of respiratory illness linked to vaping have been reported in Iowa. 


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Republican US Senator Joni Ernst says anytime there is corruption or fraud, the Congress needs to combat it.  Ernst was in Sioux City yesterday (Thursday) talking about leadership with high school students at Briar Cliff University.  Ernst was asked about the impending impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump.  Without passing judgment on the case, Ernst said the Senate Intelligence Committee will look at the evidence in the impeachment process in a bi-partisan manner.

Henderson served as chaplain for area first responders and senior pastor at St. Paul's Lutheran Church
Fort Dodge Police Department


The initial appearance for a man charged with killing a pastor in Fort Dodge has been pushed back until tomorrow.

Thirty-six year old Joshua Pendleton was charged with robbery and first-degree murder for the death of Rev. Allen Henderson.

Officers found Henderson at St. Paul Lutheran Church.  He was pronounced dead at a hospital in Fort Dodge.

Television station WHO-TV in Des Moines posted video this morning showing the suspect, Joshua Pendleton getting angry and pounding his fist on a nearby desk.      

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This week on The Exchange talk with some of the performers on the Abe stage at Saturday in the Park.  One of them in Con Brio.  Con Brio is a named for an Italian musical direction meaning with spirit.  Con Brio is San Francisco Bay Area band that plays what its members call "energetic soul", psych-rock and R&B.  

Cultural Continuum 3-15-19

Mar 15, 2019

Sioux City Rockestra is back! Also there's theater all over the place, there's Celtic music to celebrate the man that drove the rats out of Ireland, and Siouxland Civic Dance presents Cinderella.

Cultural Continuum 11-02-18

Nov 2, 2018

Great weekend to get out if you're looking for some art, also the Siouxland Coffee Festival gets underway at the Sioux City Convention Center another fine performance for the Morningside College Piano Recital Series and Watermelon Slim and his band go to work at Vangarde Arts.

Gretchen welcomes Ellen Osborn to Opus today. Osborn is a singer and actor when not at her day job (as an attorney) and she talks about some of her favorite roles, productions and musical pieces.

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Coming up this week on The Exchange,  how a long deserted cemetery in Dubuque became a place of living history after being dug up for a condominium project. Also, we talk with Briar Cliff University’s new president. 

And we take a look at the offerings of this fall’s Lifelong Learning Program at Western Iowa Tech Community College.  That and more, coming up on The Exchange, Wednesday at Noon and Friday at 9:00 a.m. here on Siouxland Public Media. 


His newest works are described as “metals that look like wood, wood that looks like bronze and clay that looks like stone.” 

Gretchen welcomes Dr. Richard Steinbach to Opus this time. Steinbach is the M.A. Everist Foundation Artist in Residence at Briar Cliff University and he'll talk about his teaching, his travels, his recordings and his upcoming Christmas Spirit performance at the National Music Museum.