Black History Month


Feb 28, 2019
Mary Hartnett

February is Black History Month, and the NAACP of Sioux City has been holding

special events to honor those who have contributed to the welfare of the African

American Community.  Sunday afternoon, siouxlanders gathered at the Sioux City

Public Museum for a conversation about diversity and equal rights, hosted by the

Sioux City branch of the NAACP.

Cultural Continuum 2-22-19

Feb 22, 2019

Both the Sioux City Symphony and the Cherokee Symphony are performing this weekend. Plus Sioux City Community Theatre hosts a variety show in honor of Black History Month and LAMB Arts Regional Theater performs off-site and backwards.

Cultural Continuum 2-15-19

Feb 15, 2019

Some theater in Vermillion and South Sioux, a big weekend for the NAACP and a chance to get outside and count some birds at the Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center. For history nuts, The American Revolution is the focus of a lecture at the Betty Strong Encounter Center, while the Sioux City Public Museum takes a gander at more local history at the next History at High Noon.

Coming up next on the exchange, we talk with AP Tureaud, a civil rights pioneer that will visit Siouxland this week.  Tureaud says he will talk about the need to defeat hate, as we deal with disturbing images of racism at the highest levels of government in Virginia and North Carolina.

Also, the effort to create intellectual diversity at South Dakota public universities.

Moreover, a preview of a performance by the winner of the Van Cliburn Piano Competition.

That and more coming up on The Exchange, but first this news.

Cultural Continuum 2-01-19

Feb 1, 2019

Shelby Pierce joins Steve on this February 1st, Cultural Continuum. Lots of Jazz, a Conservatory recital at Vangarde, the Empty Bowls moves into the Sioux City Convention Center.

George Boykin is the guest on Opus today. George talks about growing up in Sioux City in a time of segregation and his time with the Sanford Community Center and the Woodbury County Board of Supervisors. He also talks about the struggle facing many musicians of color during the mid 20th century.