Partial Glimpse

Feb 7, 2019
Sioux City Art Center

"At any one view, you only get a partial glimpse of something. And so, as you move around the sculpture… you start to learn a little bit more about what's inside," says Behrens. "…It's basically a metaphor for coming up on anything or anyone who is new to you and you have to have different viewpoints, different angles to try to really find, as close as you can get, to a full understanding of what you're encountering."

Sioux City Art Center

"It's a sculpture that reminds us you can be an experienced artist and still find joy in what you're doing… it connects on many different levels with visitors who come in regardless of their art backgrounds," says Behrens.

Bend in the Road is on display in the Sioux City Art Center's Permanent Collection on View exhibition.


Jan 23, 2019
Sioux City Art Center

"The inner part of the circle represents the "Solar", the exterior is the "Reef", and that's where [Langoussis] started to think about the fact that all of our life on Earth exists because of the sun…", says Behrens.

Sojouner: Solar Reef is on display in the Sioux City Art Center's Permanent Collection on View exhibition.

French Fries

Jan 15, 2019
Sioux City Art Center

"One of the things that a sculpture like Sioux City let's us do, because it doesn't represent anything in particular, is that it opens up our imagination to everything," says Behrens.

Sioux City is part of the Sioux City Art Center's permanent collection and can be seen now in the Permanent Collection on View Exhibition.


Dec 20, 2018
Sioux City Art Center

"…We're standing in the atrium looking at this, and at a different part of this same space we have a later sculpture that Ann made called Condemarr… [Condemarr] is much more representative of a horse, where as Don Quixote is more of a universal experience of riding with purpose and yet there is a lot of chaos going on… it takes a lot looking to get everything into your brain, but its well worth the attempt," says Behrens.


Dec 13, 2018
Sioux City Art Center

"You are going to be working within traditions, if you choose to be an artist," says Behrens. "… And it's up to you to find those traditions and understand how they may be relevant to you… [Bowitz] also understands the limitations of that, and that's why cutting to fit into his tree of knowledge is so important."

An Amalgam of Curves

Dec 11, 2018
Sioux City Art Center

"So, this is a lithograph from 1950, but quite honestly it could have been one of the lithographs he would've produced during the 1930s," says Behrens as he talks about the consistency of Benton's style. "It has that same feel, that same commitment to elevating the lives and the struggles of the poor people and the working people."

Sioux City Art Center

"Gate is a really good example of how Terri works. What she's able to see beyond a predictable, mundane subject… the beauty in the colors that are possible through that scene and that's something that is really important in Gate," says Behrens as he takes us deep into Gate.

Looking At Mystery

Nov 21, 2018
Sioux City Art Center

"A relief etching is something that virtually nobody does. What [Phillip Chen] has done is effectively remove the ink to give us the image," says Behrens. "So you're looking at… the paper coming through from beneath this layer of ink."

Sioux City Art Center

"In the back of our minds we're thinking, this is something that was created out of two things that neither of which had any special meaning for the artist and a complete mystery for us,"  says Behrens. "[Alex Brown] taking on something so digital and so conceptual, but coming out with a really beautiful end product."