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Sioux City Chamber Music

  • Gretchen Gondek joins Steve for Cultural Continuum today with news about the Women of Excellence Banquet tonight and your usual assortment of events and activities to keep your calendar occupied.
  • Erin Webber-Dreeszen joins us for today's Cultural Continuum to talk about a huge new event (in miniature) at the Sioux City Art Center and all of the other stuff that's going on this week.
  • Gretchen Gondek is today's guest host. She'll talk about the Mad Hatter's Tea coming up next weekend. The Sioux City Symphony has a busy weekend and it's Earth Day and we've got ways to help the planet.
  • John Reiff stopped by to record Cultural Continuum this week. He's been busy unloading boxes at the Booklovers Book Sale and there are a load of things to cover.
  • ARTcetera is happening tonight the Art Center's Erin Webber-Dreeszen joins Steve to talk about that and many other fun and interesting things to do this week.
  • There are loads of events this weekend, Fall Fest, Sioux City Chamber Music are happening plus LAMB and Sioux City Community Theatre both have productions…
  • The SCSO Concert Master performs for Sioux City Chamber Music on Sunday, also you can head to Snyder's Bend Park for a waterfowl migration watch and The…