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Newscast 04.22.22: Chalk Artist Creates Madonna of the Streets in Sioux City

Maria Loh
Chalk artist Maria Loh creating the Madonna of the Streets outside of St. Boniface Catholic Church on Thursday

The Madonna of the Streets slowly appeared outside of the headquarters of the KFHC Siouxland Catholic Radio on Thursday afternoon. Marian chalk artist, Maria Loh, from Fargo, North Dakota slowly created the touching picture of the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus on the sidewalk just a few steps from St. Boniface Catholic Church.

Maria, who has been featured in several publications including Catholic News Agency, discovered her passion for chalk art six summers ago.

Pictures have the ability to speak where words fail, and so God has allowed my hands to create images that might touch someone or speak to someone where you wouldn’t be able to get a word in edgewise.

As she worked yesterday, Maria said one of the one of the reasons she likes chalk so much is that it's effect is temporary, something that might bother some artists.

It means that I feel free to make all the mistakes that I want, and eventually they will be washed away, and it gives me a blank slate every time.

Maria also says creating sacred art outside of a church is a way to reach out to anyone who passes by.

And by bringing art out onto the pavement like this, it does give people an opportunity to see art when they wouldn't have otherwise stepped into a church or something, its such an opportunity to bring sacred art particularly Mary even if someone doesn’t know who she is.

Maria Loh visited Siouxland Catholic Radio in conjunction with the Spring Pledge Drive and First Ever Youth Art Festival thanks to a grant from the Gilchrist Foundation.

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