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Snow Ahead, Say the Weather Bosses

Spalding Park Environmental Science Elementary

I’m Eve, and I’m Angelo, reporting Siouxland Public Media Weather from the Spalding Park Environmental Sciences Elementary School.

Today in Sioux City, expect snow accumulation between 4 to 6 inches, a high of 32 and low around 20. This Saturday will be Sunny, a high of 35 and low of 23. Sunday will bring high of 39 and low of 18.

The Iowa Great Lakes will experience snow on Friday, with highs in the upper 20s and lows around 20.

With snow and winter weather expected today, make sure to bundle up.

In class we are learning about Avalanches. An avalanche is a mass of snow, ice, and rocks, that rapidly plummets down a mountainside. A massive slab can travel 100 mph, and they have been known to destroy trees, houses, and other buildings. The deadliest avalanches occur on Mount Everest.

I’m Eve and Angelo reporting for Siouxland Public Media Weather.