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Check It Out: Septimus Heap Book Series by Angie Sage

This is Kristina Yezdimer from the Sioux City Public Library and you’re listening to Check It Out.

Today I’m going to recommend the enchanting seven-book fantasy kids’ series Septimus Heap by Angie Sage. Born the seventh son of a seventh son, Septimus Heap was destined to become a uniquely talented wizard. Through trickery from the evil wizard and greedy usurper DomDaniel, who hopes to make use of his powers, baby Septimus is pronounced dead by the midwife and stolen from his home. To sooth their grief, his parents take in the infant daughter of the murdered queen without knowing her true identity. Princess Jenna is raised by the lovable, disorganized, down-to-earth Heap family, much to the dismay of her ghostly regal mother whose spirit is hanging around the castle. In the first book DomDaniel is defeated, Septimus reunites with the Heaps and happily becomes the apprentice to the castle’s head Wizard, beginning a momentous magical education.

In the next six books, Septimus hatches a pet dragon, finds a spell that allows him to fly and acquires a genie. He travels to the past to learn ancient secrets that were lost for centuries. He visits the land of the dead, has a pirate adventure, and defeats magical adversaries. The series is populated with colorful, endearing supporting characters that have compelling adventures of their own. Angie Sage gives the books a playful, cozy attitude and few of her characters are required to suffer for very long.

Find the Septimus Heap children’s book series, beginning with Magyk, spelled m-a-g-y-k, and other books filled with fantastic adventures at the Sioux City Public Library.

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