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We Are Not A Monolith produces news and culture content about African American life and culture in the Siouxland Community.

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Sheila Brummer / Siouxland Public Media

Sen. Cory Booker joined Shelby and Ike to discuss his proposed policies as a Democratic candidate* for 

President, policies, he argues, that will bring the country back together. He believes that his appeal to African-Amercian voters makes his candidacy viable and that Hilary Clinton's 2016 loss was partly due to her failure to appeal to the lived experiences of the diverse nature of the Democratic Party. And he describes how his engagement in the African-American community drives his policy. 

*As of January 13, 2020, Senator Cory Booker has suspended his campaign.

This time on We are not a Monolith, Ike and Shelby explore the holiday of Kwanzaa. They interview special guest Kemi Brown of Sioux City to learn all about this Holiday and how it's celebrated.

Siouxland Public Media

We Are Not a Monolith welcomes Mayor Pete Buttigieg to talk about his Douglass Plan, the firing of Darryl Boykins, the first African-American police chief of South Bend, Indiana, and the challenges of bringing togehter a country divided along so many lines. 

Music by Joytribe recorded live at KBOO.

Lamb Theatre

Inspiration can strike from anywhere. Reading the obits one day, Kenneth Jones came across the story of Emily Wheelock Reed, a librarian who lived and worked in Alabama during the 1950's and 60's. Trouble began for her when she added illustrator Garth Williams' book The Rabbits' Wedding to her stacks, a book that portrays the marriage of a black rabbit and a white rabbit.

Wednesday August 2, 2017- Part II

Aug 22, 2017

Ike and Shelby took over an entire hour of programing to discuss summer reading, music and their series, "Checking the Box". 

Wednesday August 2, 2017- Part 1

Aug 22, 2017


Ike and Shelby took over an entire hour (well....technically a little more- be sure to listen to Part II) of programing to discuss summer reading, music and their series, "Checking the Box". 

Ike and Shelby are diving into a new series called Checking the Box- where they explore the vulnerability and consequences experienced when filling out everyday forms. 

What's Happening in the Community

May 9, 2017


This Sunday, the Blue Cafe will host author Jordan Flaherty for a discussion of his book No More Heroes, a critique of the savior mentality and helping people from different historical, cultural, and racial contexts. Shelby Pierce and Ike Rayford of We Are Not A Monolith joined Jordan via Skype to ask how he has come to speak on this topic and what he has to say.

(Find the longer version of the interview here).